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Business and Computer Courses

Keyboarding (Semester)

Students are taught touch typing on the alpha and numeric keypads. Students are challenged to build speed with accuracy utilizing skill-building software. Word processing software will be introduced.

Office 1 (Semester)

Microsoft Word, basic Internet research skills, email and PowerPoint. This is a one-semester course in which the student will use parts of Office 2000 and the Internet, acquire basic word processing skills, become proficient at research using the Internet, send and receive email, and develop basic PowerPoint skills in which to make presentations.

Computer Science I (Hardware) 

Students will learn how computers function in terms of hardware and software.  They will be exposed to operating systems, hardware design, and trouble shooting.  They will also be exposed to networking systems and system maintenance and upgrading.  They will learn and practice the beginnings of programming logic, object-oriented programming techniques and problem solving methodologies within the Alice 3D programming environment.  Towards the end of the course, students will see how the lessons learned in Alice transition to a real programming language using Java. 
.5 credit – 1 semester   
Prerequisites – Keyboarding 30+ wpm.  Successful completion of Algebra 1 or Algebra 1A/1B.

Computer Science II (Programming) 

A continuation of the introduction to the study of computer science, students will expand upon and practice the basics of programming logic, object-oriented programming techniques and problem solving methodologies. Students will develop organized and powerful programs using the programming language Java and other languages.
.5 credit – 1 semester
Prerequisite – Successful completion of Computer Science I.

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