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English Courses


Reading is a personalized course for students with specific reading challenges. Admission to this course is through the Special Needs Program.

English I

This course reviews and builds on the basics of grammar, writing, vocabulary and literature. It is appropriate for students seeking to strengthen their foundation in these areas so that they can more effectively meet the school’s reading and writing expectations.

English II

This is the foundational course for the four-year English curriculum. The course provides the basic content that will be expanded upon and shaped in subsequent English classes, and includes elements of effective writing, grammar, vocabulary and literature.

English III

This course develops and cultivates an understanding and appreciation for world literature through experiences in reading and writing. Students will gain insights into cultures and modes of thought which gave rise to writings from various countries. A speech and communication component is also part of this course. Throughout the course, students are exposed to a variety of modes of presentation, and gain an understanding of how they function effectively as communicators.

English IV

This course develops and cultivates an understanding and appreciation for American literature through experiences in reading and writing. Students will learn about literary movements during which various pieces of literature were written. They will recognize the correlation between history and literature, develop skills as a writer, and identify ways in which literature relates to their lives.

British Literature

This course centers on a tour through almost 20 centuries of English verse and prose, as well as historical backdrops responsible for the creation of these literary works. Some of the major literary movements that will be explored are: the Medieval epic, the Medieval allegory and morality play, Elizabethan drama, neoclassicism, Romanticism and Realism.

Composition (Semester)

The purpose of this course is to develop a student’s skills as a creative and critical writer through a variety of writing activities. They will learn to recognize the difference between simplistic and sophisticated writing through self-examination, peer critique, and study of published and professional works.

Modern Literature (Semester)

Students explore a variety of genres within 20th and 21st Century (contemporary) literature. Understanding of the literary themes is demonstrated through experiences in writing. Students choose at least one of the books that will be studied.

Advanced Placement (AP) English

Students will be provided with experiences and information necessary to complete the Advanced Placement English exam. Some of the topics covered are syntax, elements of fiction, reading of classic literature, vocabulary and effective writing.

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