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Fine Art Courses

Art I

This is an introductory course that everyone in the art program must take. It includes the study of the elements of art, master artists, techniques, style and art history. Art production is woven in and around these studies.

Art II

Advanced art builds upon the Art I foundation of artists and art elements. This course uses master artists and their works in the study of techniques, media and approaches to art. Developing techniques of their own and opinions of their own is one of the goals for students, as well as the production of art.

Studio Art

This is an advanced art course that expands and utilizes the knowledge of the elements of art and artists gained in Art I and Art II. The course is built around the motivation and creativity of its third- and fourth-year artists. New media, new ideas, new subject matter and new techniques are developed by the teacher and student. Students may choose the Advanced Placement option where they submit a portfolio to the College Board for review for possible college credit.

Drama (Semester)

Drama is an interactive expression of a performing art, which crosses into many other areas besides the narrow definition of theater. A student can learn to appreciate and express him/herself in drama class whether a beginner or experienced actor. Dramatic presentation is worked into the class in the form of a play or chancel drama as opportunity and time allow.

Mixed Chorus

This choir is open to any student interested in a choral music experience. Students will learn rehearsal and performance skills. Students will learn about rhythm, reading music, sight reading and other voice building exercises. Performances occur throughout the year.

Golden Voice

This audition-only choral ensemble is open to Grades 10-12. Quality multicultural music from the Renaissance to the 20th Century provides the opportunity to teach open and resonant tone, vowel/pitch theory, and expressive and purposeful phrasing. Performances occur throughout the year.

Wind Ensemble

This course is designed to provide a transitional year between grade school band and Symphonic Band for the student who needs extra time developing the basic elements in instrumental playing. Emphasis is placed upon tone production, intonation, rhythms, style, scales and beginning music theory. Performances occur throughout the year.

Symphonic Band

This audition-only instrumental group is open to all grades. Students are required to demonstrate moderate to advanced high school proficiency in individual and group playing skills, performing a broad variety of quality multicultural music. Performances occur throughout the year.

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