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Other Courses

Vocational Education

Business Co-op

Co-op allows students to experience possible career choices firsthand by working part time while receiving 2 credits per year. This program is available to seniors only. All jobs must be related to the student’s career goal, and be approved by the co-op coordinator. Other criteria for the program are found in the Student Handbook.

Saginaw Career Complex (SCC)

Juniors and seniors may choose to enroll at SCC during the first three periods of the school day. Some possible courses of study that may be pursued are construction, car mechanics, computer network systems, welding and child care. To explore these or other options available at SCC, contact Valley Lutheran’s guidance counselor. Classes at SCC grant 3 credits per year.

Academic Seminar

Students meet daily with a teacher in an academic setting where they receive assistance in completing class assignments and making up tests. Students have access to the Resource Center with computers, Internet connections and library books. The Academic Seminar is offered each semester.

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