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Physical Education Courses

Boys and Girls Ninth Grade Fitness (Semester)

In the area of physical education, our goal is to encourage the development of strength, stamina, agility and basic motor skills together with lifetime fitness skills and recreational appreciation that foster good health. This will be accomplished through the learning of basic skills in the following team sports which include but are not limited to: soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, field hockey, lacrosse and track.

Health (Semester)

Health will focus on current health issues, which will be approached from a Christian perspective. Topics may include self-concept, stress, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco), violence, nutrition, sex education, diseases and first aid.

Fitness for Life

This course for upper-level students will incorporate fitness activities, flexibility training, strength training, and aerobic conditioning in order to teach students how to develop and maintain good fitness for life. Students set and work toward individual goals.

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