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Religion Courses

Old Testament

This course is designed to keep students actively reading their Bible and applying what they learn to their lives. Selected verses of the Bible are memorized. Each of the books of the Old Testament are read and discussed.

New Testament

An intense look at the life of Christ and the fulfillment of God’s promises given in the Old Testament will take place. The servant role demonstrated by Jesus, His teachings through the parables, and the miracles He performed will be covered. The beginning of the new church after Christ’s ascension and the journeys of Paul will be discussed. Students will study the revelation of the end times and our response to it with the preparation of our own lives.

Church History (Semester)

In this course, we will study and explore the history of Christianity from the time of Christ to the present day in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Major topics to be covered are Martin Luther and the Reformation era, heresies combated through the ages, liturgical and dogmatic origins and meanings, the Christian church today, and the challenges we face.

World Christianity (Semester)

This course will present the major religious thoughts of the world through the study of eight world religions: Christianity (with an emphasis on Lutheranism), Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and the Occult. Each religion is not only taught historically with its teaching, but it is compared to Christianity with special emphasis on salvation. Each student will encounter ways to witness about Jesus to people involved in each major religion in order to win them to the Kingdom of God.

Christian Ethics

This course seeks to challenge students to apply God’s Word to a variety of topics with the goal of demonstrating that the Word of God is alive and applies to everyday living. Major topics include creation/evolution, marriage, rock music, heaven, angels, aliens, occult, spiritual warfare, prophecy and end times.

Christian Vocation

This elective religion course extends beyond what the student has learned in the yearly required religion courses. Special emphasis is given to examining Lutheran doctrine in greater detail. Students are prepared to become active influences in the church, whether in a formal ministry position or as a layperson. Through guest speakers and study of various topics, students learn what challenges face the church, church worker and layperson, and examine a variety of strategies to deal with those challenges. Time is also allotted for students to pursue topics of personal interest.

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