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Science Courses


Biology is the study of life. The class will explore many different life forms in our world. Many biological theories will be discussed from a Christian viewpoint. Students will learn utilizing the textbook, laboratory experiments, and classroom discussions. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, the scientific method, characteristics of living things and taxonomy, cells, photosynthesis and respiration, mitosis, DNA and genetics, worms, arthropods, and amphibians.

Anatomy and Physiology

This class is an in-depth look at the human body, its parts and how it works. Each unit studied is a system of the body, with a look at the fetal pig and a writing assignment for each unit. Tests are essay, and writing is an integral part of this college prep class. A research paper is assigned along with many out-of-class readings and critiques.

Honors Biology

This course is a look at some of the most up-to-date and discussion-oriented topics that science has to offer. An in-depth look at genetics, DNA and chromosomes takes up over half the year with labs involving extracting DNA, breeding fruit flies and numerous probability studies. A look at the creation/evolution controversy is also included in the class. Many discussions are open-ended, along with assignments, making the students support their ideas either through discussion or written answers.

Advanced Placement Biology

This Advanced Placement course covers the content of a college freshman Biology course. Emphasis is placed upon inquiry-based learning and critical thinking. A number of college-level lab activities are required. The course content focuses on biological systems, their origin, growth and reproduction, response to outside stimuli, and interaction with other systems.

Introduction to Chemistry (Semester)

Introduction to Chemistry contains introductory topics such as: lab safety and procedures, problem solving, the atomic model and the periodic table, compounds and bonding, equations and balancing, gas laws, moles, molar mass, and empirical and molecular formulas. Students receive a solid foundation in Chemistry that allows them to move on to more advanced Chemistry courses.


General chemistry is a survey course in Chemistry with an emphasis on common chemicals and study techniques. The aim is to give the student some chemical and general scientific literacy rather than training to be a chemist.

Advanced Chemistry

Advanced chemistry expands on the concepts learned in basic chemistry through the use of laboratory experiments. The aim is to prepare students who are planning on a science major in college. Additional concepts in organic and biochemistry are introduced.

Introduction to Physics (Semester)

Introduction to Physics is the study of mechanics, heat, electricity and magnetism, and waves. The course will provide an overview of topics you will cover in physics such as Newton’s Laws of Motion, gravity and electricity, but at a level consistent with the student’s current level of math. Introduction to Physics will provide students with a solid foundation for future success in any physics course(s) taken.


This course deals with the way nature behaves. The first semester deals with the concepts of forces and momentum involved in walking, riding or driving. The second semester explores optics, waves and electricity, and explains such things as rainbows, sound and lightning.

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