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Social Studies Courses

Global Issues

A full year course required of all students for graduation taken during the freshman or sophomore year. Course focus is on issues pertinent to people in different areas of the world as they interact with their environment and with one another. Included are such issues as deforestation, pollution, apartheid, tolerance and intolerance, human rights, world hunger, poverty, disease, technology, politics and war. Current events are a major part of class discussion. Since it is impossible to understand global issues without a basic understanding of world geography, place is also important. Climate, relief and resources are understood as they become applied to various areas and issues.

U.S. History

Students will examine the history of the United States beginning at the colonization of America through the present. An understanding of the causes and effects of historically significant events is emphasized.

Honors U.S. History

This course covers American history from pre-Columbian societies through the current post-Cold War times, and prepares students to take the Advanced Placement exam. A great deal of emphasis is placed on developing analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with course material, arrive at conclusions based upon informed judgment, and write persuasively using primary sources as evidence. Additionally, students will be trained to analyze and interpret primary sources and to compare multiple interpretations of historical issues found in secondary sources. A focus on understanding multiple causation and effect and the developments and trends that characterize different historical periods is integrated throughout the course. Students are expected to complete a good deal of outside reading and essay writing, as well as a packet of summer material.

Integrated Government and Economics

Integrated Government and Economics examines the governmental system of the United States and Michigan, as well as governments common elsewhere in the world. Economics addresses not only issues associated with government but also micro economics including personal finance.

Psychology (Semester)

Students will explore the basic concepts of the human psyche including motivating forces, behavioral patterns, and human development.

Western Civilization (Semester)

A one-semester course open to all students. This history of western civilization from its beginning to the rise of European nations examines political, cultural and historic contributions of such peoples as the Greeks, Romans and English to Western civilization as we know it today.

Non-Western Civilization (Semester)

A one-semester course open to all students. This history of the non-western world includes examination of ancient India, China, Japan and Africa. Also considered are the Byzantine world, the rise of Islam, and the development of an early Russian empire. Political, cultural and historic aspects of these societies will be examined as one sees their impact on the world today.

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