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Graduation Requirements

Valley Lutheran High School graduation requirements include:

  • 4 Credits of English: English 2, 3, 4, and one additional English credit required
  • 4 Credits of Mathematics: Algebra I (Algebra 1A & 1B), Geometry, Algebra 2 (Intermediate Algebra 2 or Advanced Algebra 2); must include one credit in senior year
  • 3 Credits of Science: Biology, Intro to Chemistry, and Intro to Physics, Chemistry or Physics
  • 3 Credits of Social Studies: Global Issues, U.S. History, 0.5 credit in Government, 0.5 credit in Economics
  • 1 Credit PE/Health: Boys or Girls Fitness and Health
  • 1 Credit Fine Arts: Includes selection from Music, Art or Drama courses
  • 2 Credits in the Same Foreign Language
  • 4 Credits of Religion (or one for each year in attendance)

Students must pass 20 total credits plus one religion credit for each year in attendance.

A student must attend high school for eight semesters in order to graduate from Valley Lutheran.

Under our current nine-period system, students with one academic seminar each year have the opportunity to earn 28 credits over four years of high school.

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