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There is always more to education than what statistics can typically show. But the following measurements are a view into one part of the exceptional education students receive at Valley Lutheran High School. 

Michigan Merit Exam (MME)

The Michigan Merit Exam (MME) is a combination of tests administered under the direction of the Michigan Department of Education. The tests include the SAT, the ACT WorkKeys Test, and several tests developed by the Michigan Department of Education including the M-STEP (Science and Social Studies). We incorporate much of the Michigan Standards and Benchmarks that are tested on the MME even though we are not required to teach those standards. In some cases, we have made curriculum decisions that we feel are in the long-term best interests of our students that may not reflect current testing theory in Michigan. 

In April of 2016, we once again participated in the state testing for our juniors. We are proud that our students performed well above the state average and were among the top-ranked schools in the region based on test scores.


Evidence Based
Reading and
Range: 200-800


Range: 200-800

Total Composite

Range: 400-1600

State of Michigan








Advanced Placement Courses

Valley Lutheran High School offers several advanced placement courses, including:

  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB
  • Advanced Placement English Language
  • Advanced Placement United States History
  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • Advanced Placement Spanish Language
In recent years, students have started taking other Advanced Placement tests based on our regular curriculum. 

A score of 3, 4, or 5 is considered “passing” on Advanced Placement tests. Universities have their own standards for granting credit. Valley Lutheran students have been leaders in AP Test scores with 81% of our students passing the exam over the last five years, compared to the five-year averages for the state of Michigan at 66% and the global five-year average at 60%. 

Scholarship Acceptance Data

Beginning with the Class of 2000, Valley Lutheran graduates have accepted approximately $17,676,760 in scholarships. 800 of 1220 graduates (66%) received at least one scholarship. The average amount accepted during this time is $22,096.

We elect to record scholarships accepted by students. Other schools often track scholarships awarded. This means that if a student is awarded scholarships at multiple universities, they will all be counted. We believe that this practice is misleading because a student can attend only one college at a time and therefore can accept scholarships only from that one college. 

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