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Accreditation Info

Valley Lutheran High School is accredited by:

AdvancEd (formerly North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) 

Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools (MANS) accreditation-manslogo

National Lutheran School Accreditation


In April 2013, an external review team evaluated our self-assessment, performed classroom observations, and conducted interviews of administration, teachers, students, parents, and community members. After completing their review, the team recommended that VLHS be extended full accreditation (AdvancED and NLSA) for another five years.

Valley Lutheran earned recognition of 5 "powerful practices" (standards that are met at the highest level)

1. Indicator 1.1: Christ-Centered Mission
In an ever changing society, Valley Lutheran High School stays true to a Christ-centered, world view. Throughout its history, the school's purpose is continuously evaluated. Its primary mission remains unchanged; "Christ is the foundation of our school and everything we do."

2. Indicator 2.3: Governing Body
The governing body honors, respects, and recognizes that the leadership team is comprised of gifted servants of the Lord who are skilled leaders. The governing board has a clear understanding of its role and purpose and governs appropriately. This model equips administrators and teachers to accomplish the mission and vision of Valley Lutheran.

3. Indicator 3.9: Family Groups
Administrators and teachers are committed to offering young adults a Christ-centered culture, inculcating in the hearts and minds of Valley Lutheran students about God's gracious love and forgiveness while teachers educe from students a deep love for Jesus. The organization of "Family Groups" encourages Christian community and renders opportunity for Bible study, prayer, and service back to their community.

4. Indicator 4.1: Common Core Initiative and Student Needs Program
Administrators and teachers are passionate advocates for student learning, taking intentional efforts to foster a culture of professional development, implementing a "Special Needs Program" in efforts to assist students with learning challenges and disabilities, and persistent upon enhancing instruction by transitioning to Common Core State Standards.

5. Indicator 4.2: Financial Sustainability
The governing board and administration consistently demonstrate fiscal responsibility, ensuring that the tuition costs remain competitive and affordable for interested families. This practice is evidenced in the comparatively low cost of tuition, the absence of debt load, the availability of surplus funds, and the low student to teacher ratio.



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