06 May 2018 In News (main feed)
Valley Lutheran hosted its first fundraiser for the Growing Campaign on Friday, April 20 at HORIZONS Conference Center. It turned out to be a very special evening.

Nearly 400 attendees at the Growing Campaign Summit Dinner were asked to pledge an amount over the next five years to help launch the project.  In all, more than $800,000 was pledged, bringing the amount raised to $6.8 million toward the $10 million goal, which will go toward campus improvements, foundation growth, and the fund for student aid.  $8 million is needed to break ground.

Senior Robin Rodriguez shared her impactful story on how Valley has provided her with many life-changing opportunities.  “I realize how much Valley has shaped me as an individual and impacted my life,” she said. “I pray that more students can experience the same thing.”

Thank you to all who attended, for giving of your time to learn about the campaign. 

If you are interested in learning more about the campaign please visit our website at www.vlhs.com/growing or contact our Development Director Kyle DeWees at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 989-790-1676.

We are excited about what God is doing at Valley Lutheran High School!
26 January 2018 In News (main feed)
Valley Lutheran High School has launched an exciting campaign to raise money for student aid, grow its endowment fund, and renovate and add to its existing building.  “We are about to take some steps that are going to place Valley Lutheran on a path for the next 40 years,” Executive Director Dr. John Brandt told attendees at the launch celebration Jan. 18 at Saginaw Valley State University. “You’ve all been part of this in one way or another, and we need to have you be part of this as we move forward.”

The goal of the Growing Campaign is to raise $10 million, of which $5.7 million has already been raised. This has been achieved during the “quiet” period of the campaign that started in July of 2015.

“This campaign will provide the space and resources needed to continue to be a school on the leading edge of education,” Brandt said. “Things change and our kids have different needs as their faith is being nurtured today than it did then. And they have different needs in the classroom as today we prepare kids for careers that don’t exist yet.”  There are three areas highlighted in the building portion of the campaign: the arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and athletics.  “We looked at our facility and there are some things we need to do to take it to the next level,” Brandt said. “Not only in the next generation, but we’d love to do this for our students today."

Lindsay Mueller, Director of Guidance and Instrumental Music, knows firsthand that Valley has outgrown its current music room.  “Our music ensembles are busting at the seams in the current room,” Mueller said. “In the new music room, they’re doing a lot of things to make that room acoustically sound.”  The new room will be one-third larger in size with technology to amplify the sound six-fold.  “It means a great deal for the safety of our students and their hearing,” Mueller said. “We can also control the sound in the room better to match when they’re on stage.”  

Next to the music room will be a visual art room with an abundance of natural light. More space means stations can be set up where multiple projects can happen at one time.

Four new science labs will make up a science wing on the east side of the campus.  Doug Guenther, the Chair of the Science Department, has been teaching at Valley for 33 years. He once was the only science teacher but has seen that grow to four faculty members teaching the subject.  “When you teach long enough, you see trends,” Guenther said. “One we’ve seen in science is growth in the excitement our students have for these classes. When I first started teaching, it was common for students to take two to three years of science.  We have kids right now that are going to be graduating with seven and eight years of science. We call it the doubling factor.”  All the new science classrooms will have tables in the front and a designated lab area in the back.

The athletic facilities will also see improvements.  A new weight room/training center and remodeled locker rooms are all part of the plan. A multipurpose room, which can be used for wrestling practice during the winter months, and for other activities the remainder of the year, is also slated for construction.

Additional renovations include the main entrance to the building and additional storage.

Gene Pickelman, one of the co-chairs of the Growing Campaign Cabinet, made the connection of how Valley is part of a larger revitalization.  “This is not just a building project, it’s all about community,” Pickelman said. “It’s not just the Valley community, it’s about our county and our region. This is a wonderful resource for the entire region to touch lives all over.”
30 August 2018 In News (main feed)
While summer break provides students and faculty a well deserved break, June and July were busy months for the GROWING Campaign Building Committee. Chaired by Bill Wittig (VL Alumni Parent), this group of six volunteers met frequently as the building project bids were released, submitted, reviewed, and then a final recommendation made.

Then, on July 31, 2018, a special meeting of the VL Board of Directors was convened. The purpose: to receive several reports surrounding the progress of the GROWING Campaign’s building expansion (including the Building Committee’s recommendation), and decide if/how to proceed.  Following faith-filled and thoughtful discussion, the Board of Directors unanimously voted to accept the Building Committee's contractor recommendation and move forward with the building portion of the GROWING Campaign - thanks be to God!

The Groundbreaking Ceremony has been set for Friday, September 14, 2018 at 2pm.  More details are to come.

Following the meeting, Board Chairman Matt Princing (VL ’85) said, “I have been proud to serve Valley Lutheran as a member of the board, but never more than last night... I was very pleased that we gave the topic the importance and gravity it deserved. Our school is already a great place grounded in Christ where tomorrow’s leaders are nurtured in their faith; but our new facilities will significantly raise the bar on education in the Great Lakes Bay Region. God’s blessings to the continued success of the Growing Campaign and Valley Lutheran High School.”

For more information about the GROWING Campaign, please visit www.vlhs.com/growing or contact Valley’s Development Director, Kyle DeWees.
31 January 2018 In Growth

Valley Lutheran’s founders took bold steps to establish this school 40 years ago. Today, our school’s leadership continues to take bold steps, ensuring Valley Lutheran High School is on the leading edge of Christian education – nurturing faith, educating minds, and cultivating leaders in a fashion that meets the 21st century needs of our students.

Our comprehensive campaign will:

  • Expand our building to support education needs, specifically for science, the arts, and athletics.
  • Grow the Valley Lutheran Foundation Endowment to ensure the school’s future.
  • Increase the annual fund to make Valley Lutheran High School more accessible to a growing number of students.
  • Elevate the community’s awareness of Valley Lutheran High School.
  • Strengthen the foundation for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with donors and friends across the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Growing Our Future

Valley Lutheran has outgrown its facilities. Inspired by our vision of educating minds, nurturing faith and cultivating leaders, and to continue to give our students the highest level of educational excellence, we have exciting changes and expansion projects planned for the next five years.

The Growing Campaign includes three areas: campus improvements, endowment fund growth, and annual fund support.

Campus Improvements — $6.5 million

Our teachers have embraced a “student centered” teaching model which actively engages students and helps to develop critical thinking, cooperation, problem-solving, team building, and leadership skills. Students need the tools and dedicated space to realize the full benefits of this learning.
  • Building expansion — Our growth supports current and future students, specifically for science, the arts, and athletics.
  • Growing STEM — Our investment in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) will help us grow our position as a leading educator helping students build vital skills for today and tomorrow.
  • Growing arts education — With all of our students taking music and/or visual arts classes, expansion will accommodate the growing needs of our arts education courses and nurture creativity.
  • Growing athletics — Athletics offer the opportunity for students to work as a team and cultivate leadership skills. New athletic facilities will provide space for athletic fitness training — better positioning our student-athletes for success.


Foundation Endowment Funds
— $2 million

  • Ensuring accessibility — The Valley Lutheran Foundation serves one purpose — to keep Valley Lutheran High School as accessible to as many families as possible. Endowment funds are used to provide scholarships, giving students access to an exceptional education they may not otherwise have.
  • Supporting excellence — Endowment funds support innovative programming, the arts, athletics, and the maintenance of our facilities.
  • Securing our future — Investing in the endowment will help make it possible for future generations to experience the exceptional Christian education Valley Lutheran offers.

The Annual Fund
— $1.5 million

  • Scholarships — One third of our students need financial aid to attend Valley Lutheran. The annual fund will provide $1.2 million to support students over the next five years.
  • A measure of academic excellence — Gifts to the annual fund will contribute to the difference between a “good” and an “excellent” education. Investments will strengthen the innovative programs and teaching resources at Valley Lutheran.
  • Keeping our school strong — The annual fund helps support ongoing operations, school maintenance, educational programs, and enhancements so students can continue to excel.

Your Part

Prayer remains vital to the success of the Growing Campaign. Please hold Valley Lutheran High School - it’s students, families, faculty, and staff - and the Growing Campaign, in your daily prayers. This campaign will only be successful in and through Him and that we are “Blessed to be a Blessing.” (Gen. 12:2)

As the Growing Campaign continues to generate momentum, we hope that many throughout the Valley Family and the Great Lakes Bay Region will consider supporting this important effort. Opportunities to do so will be coming in the near future. STAY TUNED!

If you would like to speak with Valley Lutheran’s Director of Development, you may contact Kyle DeWees at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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