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Faith Resources

Just as Valley Lutheran High School seeks to provide the best in secondary education to students and families throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region, we also hope to serve as a resource for those seeking to learn about or strengthen their Lutheran faith. You’ll find in this section an easy way to reach out to a Lutheran mentor, as well as information about area Lutheran churches, schools and ministries. If you have any questions about the Lutheran faith, do not hesitate to contact us.

Talk to a Lutheran Mentor

If you would like to learn more about the Lutheran faith, have someone pray with you, or simply get answers to your questions, we at Valley Lutheran High School are happy to hear from you.
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Area Lutheran Churches

No matter where you may be in the Great Lakes Bay Region, there is a Lutheran church nearby. In each one, you will find people who worship Jesus and seek to serve God by serving others.
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Associate Schools

Learn which Lutheran schools throughout Saginaw County, Bay County, Tuscola County and beyond are Valley Lutheran High School Association Member Schools, as well as other Lutheran schools in the region.
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Lutheran Ministries

Valley Lutheran High School provides a list of websites to answer any questions you may have about the Lutheran faith and beliefs, programs of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, devotionals and more.
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