VL International Missions: Online Giving Page

For over four decades, Valley Lutheran has given mid-Michigan students a safe and caring learning environment, a quality education, and various opportunities to live out their Christian faith by serving others.

2024 VLHS Mission Trips

Baja, Mexico

In June, 2024 a team of 13 people (including 7 students, 2 teachers, and 3 VLHS alumni) are going to Baja, Mexico to build a house for a working but poor family through the organization, Baja Bound.  Currently Baja, Mexico has a large influx of families moving there from Southern Mexico and other Latin American Countries to escape the violence of drug cartels and gangs.  When these families arrive, they usually find jobs as field workers.  The pay is only one dollar per hour as a “picker” in Baja, California.  This low pay makes it very hard for the families to meet their needs and they end up in tent homes on dirt floors instead of a secure home structure.

The biggest expense of this trip is the $8,500 we need to raise to purchase the materials for building the house.  Please consider giving to help offset this cost and be a blessing those less fortunate than us.

Quevert, France

A team from Valley Lutheran High School, including eight students, a teacher, an alumnus, and a grandparent is making preparations to travel to France this summer to be God’s light in that increasingly secular country. During their two-week trip, the group will share God’s love and gift of salvation with people they meet through conversations and sharing tracts in their native languages, especially with Muslims in Paris using Lutheran Heritage Foundation resources. While at the Parole de Vie (Word of Life) summer camp in Quévert (in Brittany), the team will assist the full-time missionaries as they lead the regular camp activities (devotions, worship, recreation, etc.) for the French teens. Some of the tasks will include preparing the grounds, buildings and activities before camp begins, cooking and serving meals, setting up and cleaning the dining hall and washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms/showers/dorms, setting up and tearing down the numerous group activities (large inflatables, obstacle courses, etc.), leading small group Bible studies, leading worship (singing/playing instruments), and most importantly building relationships with the teenagers and staff. Your prayer and financial support are greatly appreciated! Que Dieu vous bénisse!