Thanks be to God, Valley Lutheran is once again debt free!  It was just three short years ago that we celebrated the completion of the original mortgage, and now thanks to God’s provision and through the generosity of the 1,780 GROWING Campaign supporters, the expansion and improvements made through the campaign have been paid in full.

On October 12 a mortgage “burning” celebration was held. The evening’s celebration featured fellowship, delicious food, great speakers, some light-hearted fun, and wonderful music courtesy of the VL Brass Ensemble.

And even though we couldn’t actually burn the mortgage, we did discover some rather creative methods to dispose of the debt!  Each of the three building area additions were featured – the tuba players blew the mortgage into confetti, a frequent weight room user tore the document apart with his strength, and a chemical solution turned the organic paper into black carbon and then carbon dioxide.  Whatever the method though, the message was the same – the mortgage is gone!

Every priority of the GROWING Campaign had one goal in mind: to better equip Valley  Lutheran to effectively pursue our mission: Preparing students for life, with Christ as our foundation!

To God be the glory!