It’s a word that has been spoken much over the past six weeks. eLearning. When it was first announced that schools would be temporarily shut down, Valley, much like many other schools, quickly started the process of planning and engaging her students in the eLearning process. And by the time school ends for this 2019-2020 year, Valley’s students will have
completed 10 weeks (2 ½ months) of eLearning.

But what makes Valley’s eLearning different?

1. From the beginning, the focus has been on the personal connection between faculty and students. “Are you okay?” and “Do you need anything?” are common questions posed to students throughout their eLearning time.
2. The same spiritual encouragement and nurturing of faith used at school is being used now in this eLearning time. Teachers and staff are regularly sending students devotions, prayer topics, and asking for prayer requests, as well as
delivering a chapel message each day, just as if students were physically in school.
3. Academics. Valley’s goal during this eLearning time has consistently been to move forward in learning. Teachers are covering new material, further advancing their students throughout this eLearning time.
4. Online faculty meetings have occurred twice a week (a meeting this week even included an invitation to “bring” your child(ren) or pet). These meetings have allowed Valley to help identify, and solve when possible, the challenges our students and families are facing.

While this wasn’t the way anyone thought the 2019-2020 school year would finish, Valley has embraced the challenge of eLearning alongside her students. Dr. Lisa Meyers, Academic Dean, shared this closing thought, ”The teachers take very seriously their responsibility for quality instruction and sharing Jesus. They were not going to let something like a little distance get in the way of the daily love and learning they shower on their students. And we can’t wait to get back in the fall to see them face to face!”