“I will be true to the principles for which [National Honor Society] stands; I will be loyal to my school; and will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.”

Twenty Valley students recently spoke this pledge as a part of their induction into the National Honor Society.  They join the Valley Lutheran chapter’s longstanding tradition of honoring and equipping students in these values.

Pastor Matt Hauser served as a guest speaker for the evening.  He was followed by members of the NHS Leadership Team and Valley faculty members, as they described each core value of NHS and spoke to its importance.

Pastor Hauser rooted the evening in our faith foundation.  He reminded those in attendance that the “goal of any Christian’s life is not to die and go to heaven, as much as it is to live in such a way that we bring a little bit of heaven down to earth. We do that by unconditionally loving this world in the name of Jesus!”

Pastor Michael Stahl, Theology teacher, echoed this reality in his remarks about the NHS value of leadership.  “Christian leadership is a relationship first and foremost with Jesus.  Influence[d] by the Holy Spirit, [people] partner with others to achieve a common goal – serving others by leading and leading others by serving.”

Scholarship also has role in the life of a Christian as they use their God-given talents to learn and grow.  Mrs. Bess Winter, English teacher encouraged everyone to “make the most of the brain and talents God has given us….ask questions…observe…research…listen carefully when others speak…make the most of opportunities everyday to grow in your understanding, especially of God’s word.”

The speakers ended with a challenge from Mr. Doug Guenther, Science and Theology teacher.  Speaking to the students, “You my friends, are an elite group of people, fitting into this group through achievement and leadership and character.  But to truly become the Christian leader this world needs, humble yourselves and serve others in love.  Seek out ways to serve and do it, not to achieve a goal, but from your heart out of love for those around you, here at school and in the world and community you will soon walk in.”

Following the speakers new inductees were presented with their membership pins.  A candle lighting ceremony, pledge, and closing prayer ended the evening.

Blessings to each of our NHS members as you continue to achieve, serve, and lead in Jesus’ name!