The senior class picked the theme “Overflow with Hope” based upon this verse, and after the past year and a half, what an awesome choice for a theme!

People around the world have been looking for hope in recent times. Hope that Covid will not impact their lives or those they love; Hope that the political and racial tensions will lessen so people can find unity amidst differences; Hope that life in the future will be better than the present life. Our senior class picked a theme that resonates with society, but it also resonates with them as a group. In fact, it likely resonates with all our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Getting back to a normal school year is a great reason to “Overflow with Hope” during the 2021-22 school year. Returning to normal events and activities that give high schoolers so many fun and exciting experiences will be wonderful. Feeling freedom from so many of the restrictions of the past year and a half will be amazing. However, Paul was not writing to the Christians in Rome about “Overflowing with Hope” for their present circumstances. Paul was sharing a bigger truth than hoping for a better tomorrow or better circumstances.

Paul was addressing the fact that believers can look forward with certain hope for daily living, but also look forward with certain hope for eternal life promised through Jesus Christ. This is the ultimate reason to “Overflow with Hope.” Paul was telling the Christians to look ahead with hope living for Jesus on earth as well as for eternity.

As I learned about the theme, I was drawn to how it links to our mission statement: Preparing students for life with Christ as our foundation! Hope looks to the future, and our mission statement does as well.

Valley Lutheran is a school dedicated to giving students a great sense of hope for the future because they will be prepared for life. They will be prepared for life on earth as well as life in heaven. We will remain dedicated to passionately pursuing this mission with excellence, and in doing so, our students can look forward to their life after high school with a great deal of hope for God to use them for His purposes.

Sure, there will always be some level of uncertainty about life on earth, but our eternity is completely certain because of what Jesus has done through His life, death, and resurrection. That is the greatest reason to “Overflow with Hope!”

~ Julian Petzold, Ph.D.