Five years ago, the leadership of Valley Lutheran High School embarked on the largest campaign in school history, with a bold goal of raising $10 million.

Why would school leadership take on this daunting task? To ensure Valley Lutheran High School remains an outstanding educational institution, with Christ as our foundation, preparing students to serve in the world today and tomorrow.

Now, the GROWING Campaign has officially concluded. Valley Lutheran leadership is overjoyed to announce the GROWING Campaign has raised over $12 million over the past five years to support scholarships, campus improvements, foundation growth, and the long-term financial stability of the school. Thanks be to God!

“This campaign was successful because people truly love Valley Lutheran High School and want to see it continue to thrive well into the future,” said Julian Petzold (VL ‘89), VL Executive Director. “We give thanks for the many blessings from God our Father, and we celebrate the generosity of many people who came together to make this campaign successful.”

The campaign consisted of more than 5,600 gifts from more than 1,780 donors. This generous group of people included alumni, parents of alumni, parents of current students, grandparents of alumni, grandparents of current students, parents of future students, community members, area foundations, and local businesses… even future students gave their support!

“One particular gift stands out in my mind. After visiting an association congregation, a boy right around the age of 10 approached me, and gave me a gift ‘to help Valley,’” remembers Kyle DeWees, VL Development Director. “His kindness and genuine desire to give what he could to help, was incredible. That is a gift I will never forget.”

Every school day, students, faculty, and staff enter the building through the new entrance; walking under the cross which offers a tangible representation of the love of Jesus and the faith that provides the foundation of everything in our school. VL teachers are enjoying the new, larger spaces, and are particularly grateful for the ability to spread out a little more this year.

A key to the success of the GROWING Campaign was in its design. Valuable scholarship and recurring annual needs were prioritized, enabling over $1 million in scholarship funds to be distributed over the last five years. Keeping a Valley Lutheran education as accessible as possible is extremely important.

“The word ‘family’ is frequently used to describe Valley Lutheran,” reflects DeWees, “it has been amazing for our students to see this project come to life and to know that there are so many people who care for them and who care for this school. I hope everyone who is connected to this school is excited and proud of this accomplishment.”

New and renovated spaces made possible through the campaign include:

  • Four new science labs
  • A new music room
  • A new art studio
  • Weight room
  • New and expanded locker rooms
  • A multi-purpose athletic room
  • A new secure entrance
  • Renovations to the main office
  • New, larger hallway lockers
  • A fresh coat of paint and LED lights throughout the hallways
  • Repurposing (and future renovation) of vacated spaces