Change. This one word can create a multitude of feelings! Change. This year at Valley Lutheran, the students have been embracing many changes that occurred while they were away on summer vacation.

One area of the building that saw much change was the office. The office itself boasts a new staff workroom, a shared office for the Director of Development and the Development Associate, a new records room, and an additional conference room.  By adding a new staff workroom and relocating office supplies, we were able to reconfigure the office space into two separate working stations for our office staff.  In addition, one exterior wall was modified to allow for a new security window. This window provides a direct view of all who enter and exit the building.

While the interior of the office received much attention and reorganizing, much work was being accomplished on the exterior of the building as well.  The main entrance, utilized by students, staff and visitors alike, received a welcome safety upgrade and renovation. The existing exterior doors were replaced, and an entirely new set of exterior doors were added, creating a vestibule.  To enter these doors, one must stop at the intercom system and be “buzzed” in. The security window, as previously mentioned, allows the office staff to not only hear a voice over the intercom, but to see who is actually requesting to be let inside. Once inside the vestibule, traffic is routed to enter the office as the second set of doors remain locked during school hours.  Mr. Heath Vincent, Dean of Students, shared this about the safety upgrade, “The new security vestibule allows us to welcome guests into our building, while ensuring the highest level of student safety for our students.”

While the building entrance and office renovations were occurring, more work was being accomplished throughout the building! New LED lighting was installed in the hallways and cafeteria, painting projects were completed, and a new boiler system was installed. 456 wider lockers replaced the previous out-of-date ones, giving students ample storage for their personal belongings.

The west end of the building also received much attention this summer in preparation for our students’ return.  A new, multi-purpose room was added.  Designated space for a weight room was built, and an athletic storage room was added.  Valley’s Athletic Director, Eric Smith, received a new office, and the locker rooms were expanded to hold both a Varsity and a Physical Education locker room for both male and female student athletes. The expansion of two sets of locker rooms per gender is especially exciting for our sports teams as they no longer have to prepare for a game in a classroom. Coaches and players alike enjoy the proximity to the gym as well as the specific space for game-time prep!

So, welcome to change! Welcome Homecoming and the Fall Play! Welcome Grandparents and Special Visitors Days! Welcome to home sporting events! Welcome to something old and something new! Welcome to changes and another exciting year at Valley Lutheran High School!