Faith Life

Nurturing Faith is a pillar of Valley Lutheran High School. It may happen formally in theology classes and chapel. Or it may happen informally in conversations among students and faculty. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, students are better prepared to face life’s challenges and look forward with hope for eternity. It is the most important thing we do!


Students and faculty gather around God’s word each day during chapel. Like the “Word” itself, there are many facets to chapel at Valley Lutheran. Most days we gather in the gym where we are led by faculty members, local pastors and teachers, our students, and even students from our Lutheran grade schools. Sometimes we meet as “family groups” to share our thoughts and feelings about God’s word in more personal settings. Regardless the setting, chapel is always a good time to reflect on God amidst the activity of a school day.

Mission Trips

Valley Lutheran High School students have the opportunity to share their love for Jesus through extended mission trips. In recent years, those trips have included international travel to Mexico, Puerto Rico, France and Costa Rica, as well as domestic trips to Texas and New Orleans.

Students are encouraged to participate in mission trips through their congregations and other organizations. A special fund has been established to help students with a portion of those costs. Call the school at (989) 790-1676 for more information.

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