Student Life

Finding Community and Belonging

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Our students truly experience a feeling of belonging at Valley Lutheran. They are members of teams and extra-curricular activities. They are part of a family group from their first day. They are known by peers and their teachers.

This is intentional. Living and working in community with others is an essential part of life. As we ‘prepare students for life’ it is no surprise then that we model community within our school and naturally embed training in core skills into the fabric of daily experiences. Skills such as learning how to work together, communicate with others, and support others are crucial for students’ success both now and into the future.

Student Life at Valley Lutheran

Faith & Service

Nurturing the faith of students and encouraging them in lives of service.


Fine Arts

Pursuing passions in music, drama, and visual arts.



Growing in teamwork and character while using God-given talents to compete.



Leading, serving, and experiencing in a wide variety of interest areas.


Full Support Along the Way

Coursework aside, high school can be hard for teenagers. Our full-time school counselor is here to offer support and help. This might come in the form of a one-on-one individual conversation, an informal group session, or a full class or school presentation. Students are best ‘prepared’ when they have the social and emotional support they need in order to face the challenges of today and be ready for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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