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Brenner Named MI District Teacher of the Year

Anyone who has ever taking high school Spanish has spent time mastering “Buenos Dias, Buenos noches and Hola, me llamo Bruce”. Renee Brenner, Spanish teacher at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw, teaches these same common basics but integrates it with new methodology and great enthusiasm. This is why she is the Michigan District 2017 High School Teacher of the Year.

Renee and her husband, Mark, (teacher at Holy Cross, Saginaw) have two sons and have lived in the Saginaw area since 2005. Her teaching career began at Lutheran Westland in 1996 where she also taught Spanish after graduating from CUAA. She has invested over twenty years in teaching students Spanish and in modeling her faith and engaging students in meaningful faith discussions that relate to both her life and theirs. She continually motivates students to excellence and practices this in her teaching life by continually adding new ideas and delivering common materials in new and different ways. Her AP students nearly all “pass” their AP Test but more importantly, they develop a love for the language that many continue to pursue in college. You might think this sounds stressful, but her ability to balance fun, smiles and the pursuit of excellence is a rare combination that reduces stress and builds confidence and peace.

She has organized several international mission trips where the goal was not only to improve Spanish fluency but to “make a difference” by sharing Christ in words and deeds. She can often be found working with the drama students or leading a student activity with a smile and an infectious enthusiasm that is contagious to those she teaches. She and her family host an international student along with being active in their church membership at Holy Cross Lutheran in Saginaw. She and her husband work at being healthy and fit and often rise very early to get in their workout.

After 21 years in Lutheran High School teaching, she continues to daily model Christ by doing her best for students and Valley Lutheran. John Brandt, Executive Director at Valley, says it best, “ Renee does this day after day, year after year, with a positive attitude based on her love for Jesus and His students at Valley.” Renee will receive a $500 gift for use in her classroom, her name on a plaque at the District office and a small sculpture of Jesus as Servant for receiving this recognition. We thank God for teachers like Mrs. Brenner and now close by testing your high school Spanish – Mrs. Brenner “Bien hecho buen y fiel sirviente.”
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