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Senior Poem for the Class of 2017

In the name of the Father, In the name of the Son,
In the name of the Spirit, Holy God, three-in-one.

At about this time and place, for the past eleven years,
We spotlight this year’s seniors as graduation nears.

They have many great talents, through which God can get glory,
All sixty-nine students have their own unique story.

“Give thanks to the Lord in word and in deed”,
We are told in Colossians, by our actions, to lead.

As we reflect on these seniors, and the impact they’ve made,
The Valley tradition continues with the foundation they laid.

Many are musicians, athletes and geeks,
I’ll now share some brief highlights of their valleys and their peaks.

Kyle Piechotte is an athlete, with scars on both knees to prove;
He’s studying heat and air next year, to Mid-Michigan he makes his move.

Abby Rajewski has a great laugh, and athletic skills and smarts;
A great nurse she will become after SVSU she departs.

A school record she holds, and through Impact she’s shone;
To Alma College Grace is headed, Dr. Hearth is how she’ll be known.

She wear boots to school each day, her name’s ReAnna Hecht;
She’s off to Delta, then MSU, to study farming I’d expect.

Maylynne Wager loves children, and helping people in France;
She’s off to Eastern Michigan, into Early Childhood she’ll advance.

Adrian Hildebrant is an athlete - three seasons, plus she’s smart!
She’s headed off to Oakland, as a nurse she’ll do her part.

She’s acted on our stages, she’s loud and full of pep;
As a Spartan of MSU Ana Johnson will take her next step.

Steven Simerson’s the master of the service day breakfast spread;
He’ll stay close to home next year, work at Dow is where he’ll head.

Megan Schofield will always remember when Mr. Streeter broke a chair;
She’s headed to the UP, she’ll study Criminal Justice there.

He’s lived in China and Australia, now he heads to SVSU;
Drew Darling will work in sports when his time as a Cardinal is through.

Daniel Donald Plamondon, or Dan-Don, as everyone knows,
Will study history next year, unless it’s to the frisbee field he goes!

Chemistry is her passion, Amandeep her given name.
She’s headed to Wayne State next year, where pharmacy will be her fame.

Caleb Kish is a genius of the computer networking sort.
Post-Delta and MSU, he’ll charge lots of money for giving tech support.

He started as a freshman measuring a measly 5 foot 9,
But with those extra 9 inches, at UDM Justin Allen will do just fine.

His beard is stuff of legend, and he’s taken down a bear;
Zach Peil is off to Tech next year; he’ll study engineering there.

Alli Stelter’s classy and loves to sing and cheer;
She’s off to SVSU, in marketing classes she’ll appear.

Sarah Kempin plays the flute, she loves the handbells too;
She’ll study engineering during her years at MTU.

Zachery Smith loves the Redwings, music, and baseball;
He’s off to Delta College to study marketing in the Fall.

Her puns will make you laugh if you’re lucky enough to hear;
Kenzie Pomaville’s undecided, she’ll be at Delta College next year.

Heather Wood will teach someday, in high school is her dream;
But she’ll need to learn to spell when she’s part of the SVSU team.

Sam Buckler’s headed out to Mount Pleasant for next year;
She’ll study lots of biology, ‘Fire Up Chips’ will be her cheer.

She hopes to be a midwife, Serena Petzold will prove her worth.
At Delta she will study to help moms to give birth.

Sarah Giglio’s got shoes for every day of every year;
At CMU she’ll study, her future in biology is clear.

Clare Bergant loves animals and wants to protect them all;
She’ll find a job and save her money; to build a shelter is her call.

He’s a goalie for the Griffins, he plays drums and frisbee too.
Eric Gaudreau will study paper when he heads to Kalamazoo.

Taylor Doehring is an artist of the drawing and makeup type;
She’ll study marketing next year, and join the Cardinal hype.

Jacob Hilbrandt reigns as King, and if you call him Jordan he’ll be irate.
He’s headed off to Mequon, where playing soccer he’ll be great.

One of many Sarahs, Bergelin’s sarcasm set her apart.
She’ll study psychology at EMU when the new school year starts.

Star Wars shirts of every kind Ben Mast wears to school most days.
He’ll be a Pioneer this fall as Delta comes his way.

Griffin Malmo loves the ball field and dreams of being a pro,
His major’s undetermined, but to Delta College he will go.

He wants to be a lineman, but not the football kind.
Jacob White will head to Delta, where electrical training he will find.

Hunter Riedlinger has shown her spirit through the pom and cheerleading team.
She’s headed to Saginaw Valley to fulfill a social work dream.

Frisbee is the only time Joe Bickel changes out of his boots;
He’s headed off to Delta, where he’ll wear a welding suit.

Lenny and Skippy chapels really spoke to Adam Jezowski’s heart;
He’ll study business management, at Delta he’ll get his start.

Her backyard is Saginaw Valley, but to Delta she will drive;
Kathryn Davis will study science to help the family business thrive.

Tim Fowler likes to tinker - he’s a handy, fix-it guy.
He’s headed off to Delta - mechanical engineering is why.

Ian Sheinart was part of both drama and NHS.
He’ll study science after Valley, as a Pioneer he’ll find success.

Katie Malo loved the drums, cheering and being on stage.
She’s still deciding on a major, Delta College is on her next page.

She’s the reigning queen, and the musical chairs champ.
Elyse Greenwood will study English, in Grand Rapids she’ll set up camp.

Lan was a mathematical genius who joined us senior year.
He’s headed to Wisconsin where he’ll continue his math career.

She’s got a perfect 4.0, Elise Holcomb is definitely smart.
She’s headed to Indiana where she’ll help kids get an English start.

Calvin Keinath always waited for the 3:05 bell to ring.
He’ll study agriculture next year in the great land of East Lansing.

Cross Country, Quiz Bowl and Science all benefit from his knowledge;
That’s why off to Michigan Tech Jacob Palmreuter will head to college.

Her guitar skills made an Impact on her fellow musicians and peers;
Marisa Martlock will be a therapist, at SVSU she’ll spend her next four years.

He’ll study business at SVSU, Connor Schrems is his name.
If that doesn’t work, maybe Rage Against the Faculty will bring him fame.

Sarah Rezler loves to run; she’s had college teams chasing her;
She’ll cross the finish at Saginaw Valley, but her major is still unsure.

Ariannah Rankin took a stand and marched for life this year;
She’s headed off to Saginaw Valley, where her future in social work is clear.

Sean Irish is a soccer star and loves to eat at Chens;
He’ll study speech therapy as a Pioneer when this school year ends.

Her slippers kept her comfy as she walked our halls each year;
Alisha Schumann will head to Delta to view ultrasounds crystal clear.

He’s known in school for his sweatpants and socks, he’ll play football in the fall;
Max Wood will head the Ann Arbor way; he’ll miss Mr. Eschmann most of all!

Taylor Brechtelsbauer’s smart and kind - she’s headed to school for free;
As a Cardinal she’ll spend her days earning her college degree.

Garrison Hecht is one of three; he’s shy and yet he’s driven.
He’s studying at Delta, so his tech support can be given.

She’s know as “mom” to many in her class, she’s kind and full of pep;
Alexandria Wilber is headed to Delta to develop her journalism rep.

He’s worked on our computers, spending time to fix our tech;
Evan Walk will go to SVSU to study computers I expect.

She’s proof those desks can be tricky while sitting in Geometry class;
Sarah Stoelting will be a Cardinal, where veterinary classes she will pass.

Ben White loves his history and loves to play in band;
He’s headed to the AmeriCorp, and then to Calvin-land.

Megan Kelly will always be known as a kind and helpful friend.
A degree in biomed she’ll earn while time in Grand Rapids she will spend.

Mallory Schneider is loud and outgoing, she’s kind and happy too.
She’s studying sonography with a Delta College view.

He loved to play football, and basketball as well;
Justin Kirby will head to Delta, he thinks social work will be swell.

A basketball jump broke both his legs - I can still remember it vividly;
Blair Lubben’s doing great things now in the great state of NC.

Markos Azucar always stood out, for his shoes or for his hair;
He’ll play football in the fall, Concordia Ann Arbor is where.

Joel Brenner has an awesome suit, and eats Blazin’ wings for fun;
He’ll be a Pioneer next year and master finance when he’s done.

He loves to golf and wear white shoes - they always stayed so clean!
Jayce Delgado heads to Delta, where he’ll join the cyber security scene.

He’ll always be known for his rapping skills, Tyler Urban is his name;
He’ll do great things as he moves on - maybe earn musical fame!

Alexander Rutledge came to join us junior year.
He’s headed off to Delta, where his future sure is clear!

Cassidi Stefanski went on a mission trip to France with friends last year.
She’ll headed off to Delta, of little kids she has no fear.

Natassja Ayala wants to be a nurse, of that she is quite clear.
She’s still not sure on where to go, she’ll decide before next year.

Lucas Wilson took the bumper off of Alisha Schuman’s car.
He’s headed off to Lansing where electricity will take him far.

Matthew Friebe never handed in his senior survey information.
So I’m sure he’s headed somewhere to study something after vacation.

You just heard of one class, And the imprint they’ll make,
An imprint much greater, When done for Christ’s sake.

On those days when you think Your life doesn’t matter,
Stop and look how God works, Amongst the hustle and clatter.

We have sixty-nine examples Of students with dreams,
Who’ve made significant imprints In groups and on teams.

Who knows where God wants them To be used in His plan?
When your doubts say you can’t, Our God says you can.

Let the Holy Spirit take charge And work in your life,
Become the best worker, The best husband or wife.

For it’s not us who’s in charge, So let God be supreme,
That’s when you, in God’s Kingdom, Can share in His dream.

For it’s God’s dream, As stated in 1 Timothy 2,
That all people be saved, That’s me, and that’s you!

God grants us his grace, It’s already done!
We have life eternal, Through the blood of His Son!
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