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Special Chapel Service Begins 40th Anniversary Celebration

A packed crowd filled the Valley Lutheran High School gymnasium on Sept. 6 to celebrate 40 years of cultivating leaders, educating minds, and nurturing faith in the community with a special chapel service.

Students, parents, faculty, staff, supporters, and founders listened as Rev. Dean Davenport (VL’83), of Christ Our Savior in Livoinia, gave the message and talked about how, regardless of who you are, you are 'Blessed to be a Blessing'.  “Things have changed, but yet things have stayed the same, too” Davenport said. “Educating students, shaping and molding minds into the next generation of leaders. But most important, it’s about nurturing your faith. For that will be with you eternally.”

Jai Millen and Caleb Abraham, new faculty members were installed and returning faculty and staff were rededicated by Rev. William Morris.

Singer/songwriter David Britton, the Praise Team and choral Leader at the school from 1977 to 1999 offered pre-service music, and Valley’s Golden Voice Choir and Symphonic Band also performed.

The next event highlighting Valley’s 40th anniversary is the fall play on November 2-4 at 7 p.m. in the school gymnasium.  Another event to mark on your calendars is a Christmas Concert, held at the Temple Theatre on Dec. 10 at 3pm.

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