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Lutheran Educators Gather for Seventh Annual Conference

On Monday, January 15 over 270 educators and leaders from 27 schools, early childhood centers, and other Lutheran organizations came together to worship, learn, and encourage as part of the seventh annual Lutheran Educator Conference.

The day began with worship led by Pastor Erik Cloeter from Messiah Lutheran Church, Clio. His message centered on the important reminder that the influence of Lutheran educators is farther than educators themselves realize. Keynote speaker Dr. Patrick Ferry, President of Concordia University-Wisconsin and Ann Arbor reflected on how, just as Martin Luther King Jr and Martin Luther were both men on a mission, those gathered were teachers on a mission – teachers living out a calling in service to their students and to their Lord. He encouraged the assembly to be “authentic reflections of Jesus’ ministry” in their ministries – to let Jesus be reflected in their lives, recognizing they are not perfect, but daily going to the foot of the cross for forgiveness, and leading children to learn the same.

New to the conference this year were ‘grade level meetings’ where teachers from each grade level met together to connect with one another and share their unique grade level ideas and challenges.

50 sectional offerings covered a variety of topics including Non-Traditional Formative Feedback, Creating a Culture of STEM, Mastery Learning, and Using Social Media to Promote Your School. In addition to local teachers and administrators, the following organizations were also in attendance to lead sectionals or offer support and education to attendees: Lutheran Special Education Ministries, Concordia University Ann Arbor, Concordia Plans, Thrivent, Jon Frank of Axa Advisors, and Hughes, Robinson and Associates.

Dr. John Brandt, Executive Director of Valley Lutheran spoke of conference participants, "It is inspiring to see 270 teachers interested in professional excellence, all of whom teach in Lutheran schools. And then, to realize that their motivation is a common love of Jesus, well that is huge!”

Thanks to the members of the planning committee (Jen Enge, Jonathan Kamin, and Lisa Meyers) and generous conference sponsors (Concordia University, Ann Arbor, Lutheran Special Education Ministries, and Michigan District LCMS) for their unique parts in making this valuable conference possible.

Speaking of the day’s events Dr. Lisa Meyers, member of the conference planning committee and Academic Dean at Valley Lutheran shared, “It was a great day! 272  Lutheran Educators all together sharing ideas, supporting each other, learning new things, and celebrating the joys of ministry. The Lutheran Education community in the Great Lakes Bay Region is strong and united and continues to offer high quality education totally centered around Jesus Christ."
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