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VL Students Reflect on March for Life Experience

Brad, Mateo, and Ruby, participants in previous Valley Lutheran March for Life trips, know firsthand the amazing experiences that the March and pre-march Rally are. This year, faced with the possibility of not attending during their Senior year, they instead rallied themselves and stepped up to become the student leaders in planning and organizing this important D.C. trip. In the end their group included almost thirty students and chaperones who joined with thousands from around the country at the March for Life on January 19, 2018.

Mateo says that impact of their decision to plan a trip didn’t sink in right away. “I had brought up the idea (to organize a trip) and fortunately the idea had also been mulling around in the heads of the other leaders as well. We planned and planned and had everything set, but it didn’t sink in what we had accomplished until we were standing in the rally, before the March, looking out at the thousands that were standing with us. I remember looking at those in my group...and at all the people that stood with us, and I looked at Ruby with a smile that could only really manage to say ‘we did it’. It had finally set it what we, simply a few students with an idea, were able to accomplish. It was an honor to both organize and participate in the March during this my final year of high school.”

Brad realized that their leadership was not only necessary in the planning of the trip but also in the executing, “after the daunting task of planning...the trip, our leadership [continued] as we led the group both physically and mentally as we spoke for the speechless.”

Ruby is so grateful for all of God’s gifts that became obvious throughout the trip. “The March for Life is an absolutely awe-inspiring trip that fuels the passion for so many that partake in it each year. This year was no exception. The rush of planning and organizing and preparing is what got us to the point of the trip, but we never would’ve been able to go without the help and blessings God gave to us. God has gifted every student that attended this March, but He gave us more than perseverance. He gave us words, passion, and a love for life. Nothing will beat the feeling of standing at the top of Capital Hill looking back to see miles of people lining the street and miles more in front of us. Standing in that moment with the beautiful sunshine, crisp air and radiating love, will always be my favorite feeling. There is no doubt that God is wonderful and at the March it’s evident in every direction you look that God is working His wonders inside all of His children.”
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