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Seniors Honored at Annual Senior Banquet

Congratulations to the VLHS Class of 2018 for their achievements and awards recognized at the annual Senior Banquet and Honors Convocation on May 24, 2018, at the Swan Valley Golf and Country Club:

VALEDICTORIAN - Danielle Behnke
SALUTATORIAN - Joshua O’Laughlin
HONORS DIPLOMAS - Kendal Brechtelsbauer, Sarah Hornbacher, Alyvia Pape, Robin Rodriguez, Kennedy Schugars, Hope Strieter, Elizabeth Trent, Alec Urbytes, Ruby Yantz

VL Foundation Scholarships - Brendan Krueger, Zac Mueller, and Hope Strieter
Jerry Boehm Scholarship - Morgan Gengler

Art - Rachel Helmreich and Olivia Pahlkotter
English - Danielle Behnke and Joshua O’Laughlin
Math - Danielle Behnke and Luke Kaul
Music - Emily Becker and Brendan Krueger
Physical Education - Alexander Dombrowski and ShaeLyn Platko
Religion - Ian Jones
Science - Luke Bushey and Robin Rodriguez
Social Studies - Luke Kaul
Spanish - Kailyn Lothian and Jacob Streeter

Class Officers - Brad Gipson (P), Beth Rodgers (VP), Lindsay Hagenow (S), Lauren Frank (T)
Music - Mariah Bierlein and Micah Schultz
Student Council - Robin Rodriguez (P), Billy Hunt (VP), Kendal Brechtelsbauer (S), Kailyn Lothian (T), Luke Kaul (H)
Drama - Danielle Behnke and Luke Kaul

Bev Feldkamp Pro Merito Award - Joshua Jacoby and Brendan Samsell
Tom Roekle Scholar Athlete Award - Luke Bushey and Robin Rodriguez
Steve Zill Christian Service Award - Luke Kaul and Mateo Vargas

Tri-Valley All-Academic Team - 
Danielle Behnke, Luke Kaul, and Joshua O’Laughlin
Key Club International - Mariah Bierlein, Morgan Gengler, Matt Jahnke, Emily Lyday, Sydney Princing, Hope Strieter, Ruby Yantz
Beaver Township Auxiliary Scholarship - Cameron Koch
Career and Technical Education Senior Project Presentations - Alec Bell, Sarah Enge, Joshua Jacoby, Tyler Morse, and Morgan Thurston
Maier & Associates “Good Kids” - Madison Town and Alec Urbytes
National Merit Finalist - Danielle Behnke
Optimist Club of Saginaw “Youth Appreciation Day” - Mateo Vargas and Ruby Yantz
Saginaw Rotary Club - Sarah Kempin
UAW Local 668 Scholarship - Katelyn Engelhardt
Carol Moulton Nursing Scholarship - Kendal Brechtelsbauer, Morgan Gengler, Sarah Hornbacher, Sydney Krenz, Kailyn Lothian, Alyvia Pape, Daisey Powers, Elizabeth Trent
Tri-City Good Friday Service Scholarship - Rebecca Gehm
The Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit - Robin Rodriguez

Michigan Competitive Scholarship (SAT of 1200 or higher): Danielle Behnke, Tyler Bentley, Mariah Bierlein, Kendal Brechtelsbauer, Luke Bushey, Angela Doerner, Sarah Enge, Katelyn Englehardt, Morgan Gengler, Bradley Gipson, Alexus Griebel, Lindsay Hagenow, Rachel Helmreich, Bryce Howard, Luke Kaul, Cameron Koch, Sydney Krenz, Nathan Kreuger, Brendan Krueger, Kailyn Lothian, Ben Menapace, Nathan Neuenfeldt, Joshua O’Laughlin, Jayden Ponichtera, Riley Ringley, Elizabeth Rodgers, Robin Rodriguez, Kennedy Schugars, Jacob Streeter,, Hope Strieter, Morgan Thurston, Alec Urbytes, Chloe Warren

President’s Award for Educational Excellence (3.5 GPA & above): Danielle Behnke, Tyler Bentley, Mariah Bierlein, Luke Bushey, Joshua Darling, Rachel Diehl, Angela Doerner, Allison Eischer, Sarah Enge, Katelyn Engelhardt, Lauren Frank, Morgan Gengler, Bradley Gipson, Lindsay Hagenow, Rachel Helmreich, Sarah Hornbacher, Bryce Howard, Elizabeth Irish, Ian Jones, Luke Kaul, Cameron Koch, Sydney Krenz, Brendan Krueger, Nathan Krueger, Kailyn Lothian, Kennedi Maurer, Kendall Merritt, Tyler Morse, Nathan Neuenfeldt, Joshua O’Laughlin, Olivia Pahlkotter, Alyvia Pape, Jayden Ponichtera, Sydney Princing, Elizabeth Rodgers, Robin Rodriguez, Kennedy Schugars, Micah Schultz, Caleb Smith, Hope Strieter, Morgan Thurston, Alec Urbytes, Chloe Warren, Ruby Yantz

President’s Award for Educational Achievement - Isaiah Elmore, Hannah Iliff, and ShaeLyn Platko
President’s Volunteer Service Award - Rachel Diehl
State of Michigan Representative Tim Kelly - Certificate of Commendation - All students in the Class of 2018


Alma College
  • Micah Schultz: Dean’s Scholarship, Instrumental Performance Scholarship (up to $82,000 over 4 years)
Ferris State University
  • Benjamin Menapace: Ferris Gold Scholarship ($8,000 over 4 years)
  • Sydney Princing: Dean’s Scholarship ($14,000 over 4 years)
  • Nathan Neuenfeldt; Provost’s Scholarship ($18,000 over 4 years)
  • Robin Rodriguez & Alec Urbytes: President’s Scholarship ($24,000 over 4 years)
  • Mariah Bierlein: Founder’s Scholarship ($48,720 over 4 years)
Ohio Technical College
  • Joshua Jacoby: First Place - MI Regional SkillsUSA Competition, 2017 Michigan Regional FFA Scholarship, 2017 Michigan Regional SkillsUSA Welding Scholars ($8,000)
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