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Senior Poem for the Class of 2018

In the name of the Father, In the name of the Son,
In the name of the Spirit, Holy God, three-in-one.

At about this time and place, for the past twelve years,
We spotlight this year’s seniors as graduation nears.

They have many great talents, through which God can get glory,
All ninety-two students have their own unique story.

“Give thanks to the Lord in word and in deed”,
We are told in Colossians, by our actions, to lead.

As we reflect on these seniors, and the impact they’ve made,
The Valley tradition continues with the foundation they laid.

Many are musicians, athletes and geeks,
I’ll now share some brief highlights of their valleys and their peaks.

Lindsay Hagenow loved to run, to jump and play ball;
She’ll spend her time as a Cardinal at SVSU next fall.

Ruby Yantz was always dressed up, and spoke up for the unborn;
She’ll work for a double major, as the red of Ball State she’ll adorn.

Madalyn Dean spent her time playing handbells and helping out backstage;
She’s off to accomplish big things - college is her next page.

Nathan Neuenfeldt enjoyed his talks with PM as the hallways emptied for school;
He’s headed for optometry, Ferris State will give him the right tools.

Olivia Pahlkotter loves to be creative, art and drama are near to her heart;
She’s headed to Concordia Chicago, where a degree in the arts she will start.

She drives for show and putts for dough, and chips her way to the green;
Allison Eischer’s headed to Cornerstone U, where the golf course will be her scene.

Madison Town loved to run and speaks French, she’s got a great smile too;
She’ll head off to Delta College next fall, a surgical tech she’ll be when she’s through.

Rachel Helmreich is a talented artist and helped out with Valley’s plays;
But she’ll major in biochemistry, Delta College is where she’ll spend her days.

He’s strong and he’s big - I bet he could bench press his brother;
He’ll play football in college, Corbin Stefanski’s off to CU Ann Arbor.

Angela Doerner loved to play handbells and worked hard in class every day;
She’ll head to Spring Arbor next fall, where the Spanish language she will say.

Rebecca Gehm has marched for life for her entire high school career;
She’ll have to travel a bit farther now; Concordia Wisconsin is where she’ll spend next year.

Robin Rodriguez is smart, poised and talented too;
She dreams of being a pharmacist and she’ll study at Ferris State U.

Isaiah Elmore is quiet; he played basketball when he was younger;
He has a passion for cars and their engines; he’ll head to Delta after the summer.

She marches to the beat of her own drum, and often has an opinion;
Clara Jekel is strong and determined; photography will be her vision.

Alyvia Pape has been known to stay up until morning to work on her History;
At SVSU she’ll use those all-nighter skills as she works towards a nursing degree.

Ian Jones has fond memories from Tour and loves to talk about religion;
He’s headed off to Traverse City, where he’ll study aviation at Northwestern Michigan.

She’s an amazing talented gymnast; she’s spent 14 years on the scene;
Brianna Sting is headed to Ohio to study chemistry at Bowling Green.

Miranda Ayala is athletic - she played both soccer and basketball;
She’s headed off to Delta College, where she’ll further her learning this fall.

Elizabeth Irish is full of Charger pride; she’s athletic and full of pep;
She wants to work with preschool kids; Delta College is her next step.

Nathan Krueger looks back on his time in school and appreciates Chapel each day;
He’ll work and attend school close to home, SVSU will help him find his way.

Xac Mueller has mad beatboxing skills, his musical talents are diverse;
He’s headed off to Concordia Nebraska, where music he’ll continue to rehearse.

Jacob Streeter might be Italian, but he and tomato sauce don’t agree;
He’ll spend his time at Delta, where he’ll study Hospitality.

He wears his black Columbia jacket almost every day;
Jayden Ponichtera is off to Nexteer, with a stop at SVSU on the way.

She remembers when Vinny lit his hand on fire in Intro to Physics class;
Daisey Powers is off to EMU, where nursing school she will pass.

Sydney Princing’s passion is science, she’s been on Envirothon all four years;
She’s headed to Big Rapids, where she’ll become a Ferris State Engineer.

Max Honaman most fondly remembers his relay handoff fall;
He’s off to study accounting next year with numbers both big and small.

Logan Griffore has enjoyed his time as a Valley Lutheran drummer;
He’s hoping to major in music and arts; he’ll head to Delta after the summer.

Matthew Jahnke faces opponents on the soccer and basketball teams;
He’s hoping Delta College can help him find his dreams.

Soccer is his passion, and he has a great deal of talent in art;
Alexander Dombrowski will study physical therapy; at SVSU he’ll get his start.

Kendal Brechtelsbauer loved to be comfy as she spent her days studying math;
She’s headed to U of M - Flint, where nursing will be her path.

Joshua Jacoby has found his calling behind his welding shield;
He’ll continue his adventure next year, at Ohio Tech he’ll explore his field.

Kaitlyn Walk is a state champion and captain of the Pom team;
She’ll study at Delta College, in the optometry lab she’ll be seen.

He spent a year in Hemlock, but decided to come back;
Brandon Hilbrandt is excited to be done - he’s headed for the workforce track.

Jack Barringer spent his Valley days learning Spanish and playing sports;
He’ll be an SVSU Cardinal next year, studying finance of some sort.

Caleb Smith snapped the game-winning field goal of the Coleman football game;
Western Michigan U will be home next year, mechanical engineering is what he’ll tame.

Her friendship is genuine and her laugh is loud and clear;
Lauren Frank is headed to the Sunshine State to study marine biology next year.

Lizzie Trent remembers the Spring Fling assembly that ended in a water balloon fight;
She’ll play soccer at Concordia Ann Arbor with a nursing degree in her sight.

He manned the net for hockey and loved to play the drums;
Nolan Wilkerson’s studying medicine at Saginaw Valley when next fall comes.

Mateo Vargas spoke up for the unborn, and you can always hear his car;
His daily dose of Monster and strong work ethic will take him far.

Brad Gipson was class president, and wore lots of 80s tracksuits;
Michigan Tech will be his new home, and computer networking his pursuit.

Beth Rodgers has many talents - athletics, drama, and smarts;
She’ll study tourism in Orlando, maybe Walt Disney will be her start.

Andrew Trudell likes to argue as a member of the Law Day crew;
He’ll start his career off at Delta, where a law degree he will pursue.

Sarah Enge is an EMT and spent time with Envirothon;
Occupational therapy is her calling, Saginaw Valley is where she’ll move on.

Alexis Clayton fondly recalls the impact Miss Feldkamp made;
Delta College is Alexis’ next step, toxicology her trade.

Nolan Hensler goes down in history for his famous bottle flip;
Marketing will be his next major feat, to Delta College he’ll make the trip.

She loves her Valley family, and her art is always distinct;
Brooke Bartlett will study at Delta to hone her artistic instinct.

Emily Becker sang on stage at the famous Carnegie Hall;
She’ll study music education at U of M - Flint when she leaves next fall.

Brendan Krueger’s hair is something made of legend;
At Concordia University Chicago his time in music he will spend.

Her senior retreat cabin caught lots of frogs to release in the night;
Sarah Hornbacher will drive to SVSU, a nursing degree in sight.

He finally broke the school record, though his name’s still not on the board;
Ben Menapace is off to Big Rapids, a conservation degree his reward.

She’s a National Merit FInalist, and loves to be on stage;
Danielle Behnke will find her calling, the University of Michigan is her next page.

Kendra Hofmeister loves to dance and sing, and hang out with her friends;
She’s ready for new adventures after this school year ends.

Sam Stauffer’s favorite memory is watching Miss Eifert fall over chairs;
She’s enlisted in the US Army to serve in security affairs.

He kicked the winning field goal and played for the basketball team;
Joshua Darling’s headed to Concordia Ann Arbor, a medical degree is his dream.

Hope Strieter has talent in piano, volleyball and soccer;
She’s studying elementary education with the classes Concordia Chicago offers.

Morgan Thurston will always remember her senior year March in D.C.;
She’ll continue her studies at SVSU, her focus on pre-veterinary.

Gigi joined us from China, she’s made the most of her time at Valley Lu;
International business is her calling while she studies at MSU.

Alec Urbytes has musical talent and has spent a summer in France;
He’s interested in criminal justice, at Ferris State he will advance.

Alexus Griebel was active in drama and sang in Golden Voice;
She’s not sure on a major for the fall, but Wayne State is her college of choice.

She played in the band and sang in the choir, and could often be found on stage;
Chloe Warren is headed to Calvin next fall, where in psychology she’ll turn her page.

Sheason Pegues loves to draw and create unique logos and clothing;
He’s excited to have extra time next year to focus on music recording.

Mackenzie Town is a runner and conquered the AP Spanish test;
Dental hygiene is her next race to run; at Delta she’ll give her best.

Cameron Koch loved the opportunity to play baseball at Dow Diamond;
He’s off to study physical therapy; at SVSU he’ll put his time in.

Brennan Pike played football, and toured with Symphonic Band;
He’s off to Michigan Tech next year to learn what makes bridges stand.

She made her debut when Mr. Hofmeister asked her to sing;
Kailyn Lothian will stay close, at SVSU she’s pursuing nursing.

Morgan Gengler is a helper in school and out;
Nursing is her calling, at SVSU she’ll branch out.

She spends lots of time on stage, in music or at dance;
Rachel Diehl will start out at Delta, where in music therapy she will advance.

Bryce Howard is an athlete with a smile that’s sincere;
He’s interested in physical therapy and plans to study at Delta next year.

Josh Drew was active in bowling and praying to end abortion;
He’s headed to Delta next fall to study science of the library notion.

Joe Guttowsky is smitten with all things cat and kitten;
His dream is to work for a shelter, where his passion won’t have to stay hidden.

He was almost at the top of the class, but number two is still a great spot;
Josh O’Laughlin will study bioengineering, Michigan Tech is his chosen lot.

Sydney Krenz loves to play softball and spend her time on the field;
She’ll head to U of M - Flint next year; a career in nursing she will yield.

Kennedi Maurer is a basketball star, and can’t wait to play next year
While studying special ed, she’ll done a suit of green as a Delta Pioneer.

Micah Schultz will be known for his wild red hair;
He’s headed to Alma, he’ll study business and biology there.

Luke Bushey can hit and field a great game;
He’ll study engineering and gain Lawrence Tech fame.

Shae Platko’s hard work will pay off this year;
To become a paralegal at Delta College she’ll stay near.

Katie Fehn knows hard work as she helps with Valley’s plays;
She’ll study early childhood ed; at Delta she’ll spend her days.

Hannah Iliff is a gifted photographer and can swim to her heart’s content;
As a Delta College Pioneer her days becoming a teacher will be spent.

Matthew Wilkins found his spot on the VL wrestling team;
He’ll finish at Tech after Delta, engineering is his dream.

Emily Lyday was active in Law Day and has a knack for sewing;
She’s headed to Grand Valley, where her knowledge of neuroscience will be growing.

Brendan Samsell tried to dunk a ball, but ended up busting his head;
He’ll study at Delta College - a career in law enforcement is ahead.

Kennedy Schugars remembers her time spent on the yearly choir trip;
She’ll spend her time at SVSU, a command of chemistry in her grip.

If you’re curious, he can tell you what it feels like to be tased;
Tyler Morse will be a State trooper, at Delta he’ll spend his days.

Katelyn Engelhardt is smart and has talent on the court;
She’s playing basketball next year of the Pioneer sort.

Kendall Merritt loved to cheer and sing in Golden Voice;
Delta College is her school, social work her major of choice.

Billy Hunt has many talents, and loves to be on stage;
He’s headed to Delta College, where biology will be all the rage.

Crysta Pankey has quietly served to clean up after chapel each day;
She’s not sure on a major, but SVSU will help her find her way.

Riley Ringley sang in choir, jumped high and played ball;
He’s off to study engineering at Calvin in the fall.

Tyler Bentley’s super smart and thinks outside of the box;
At Kettering he’ll study medicine, and maybe take long walks.

Mariah Bierlein played the handbells and enjoyed her time with her teachers;
She’s studying at Ferris State next year as her future nears.

Alec Bell spent the past two year studying culinary arts;
He’s looking forward to trying new things as the next school year starts.

Luke Kaul is headed to the Navy, they call him “Luke the Nuke”;
He might study nuclear ballistics, his gifts from God are no fluke.

You just heard of one class, And the imprint they’ll make,
An imprint much greater, When done for Christ’s sake.

On those days when you think Your life doesn’t matter,
Stop and look how God works, Amongst the hustle and clatter.

We have ninety-two examples Of students with dreams,
Who’ve made significant imprints In groups and on teams.

Who knows where God wants them To be used in His plan?
When your doubts say you can’t, Our God says you can.

Let the Holy Spirit take charge And work in your life,
Become the best worker, The best husband or wife.

For it’s not us who’s in charge, So let God be supreme,
That’s when you, in God’s Kingdom, Can share in His dream.

For it’s God’s dream, As stated in 1 Timothy 2,
That all people be saved, That’s me, and that’s you!

God grants us his grace, It’s already done!
We have life eternal, Through the blood of His Son!

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