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Valley Students Experience Life-Changing Week at Worldview Academy

Three Valley students, Abbey, Elliott, and Kya, attended Worldview Academy on the campus of Spring Arbor University during the last week of June. We caught up with them recently to learn more about their experience.

What is Worldview Academy or Camp Worldview?

Abbey: Worldview Academy is a traveling camp offered to teenagers across America to teach how to best live and think with a biblical worldview so they may become Christ-like leaders in society. Over the course of four-and-a-half days, we spent about 26 hours listening and taking notes on lectures about how to live a Christ-like life. I learned so much that week about how to lead like Christ and how to share my worldview with others, but doing so lovingly and with respect.

Kya: Camp Worldview is truly the best week of your life. Whether it be the many inspiring, uplifting, educational lectures, or making so many new incredible friends, there was never a dull moment.

Elliott: It’s a Christian youth leadership camp where you get to dig into theological problems as well. There were over 24 hours of lectures but they weren’t at all like you typically think of when you hear the word lectures, they were really really interesting, more like having a conversation. The leaders want to answer questions that teens have.

What age students can attend?

Elliott: 13-18 year olds, basically the high school grades.

What was one of your big take-aways from the week?

Kya: I learned so much at camp. Everyday seemed to be a new adventure into God’s word. My favorite thing I learned was how to be the person God wants me to be.

Elliott: I have two! One of the speakers, Brandon Booth, gave a lecture on law and gospel. He emphasized how good works aren’t necessary for heaven, but they come naturally from being a follower of Jesus. That when you’re a follower you naturally want to do good works for God. That really stuck with me. The other was in a small group discussion, we were talking about movies and how to determine what you should be consuming. We discussed how rated R movies can lead a viewer to sin through the images they see, etc. But for the movies and shows that aren’t necessarily causing you or someone else to sin, then its a question of what you want to put into your body. These discussions are so helpful because they are a real-life look at how to walk the Christian walk.

What was a memorable experience while there?

Abbey: Something really special that we did that week was go out evangelizing on the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. We were split up into groups of three or four and we were each given a pamphlet that led us through how we were supposed to go about evangelizing and sharing the Gospel with strangers. My group had a few conversations with varying degrees of success, but we had two that went very well and we may have even turned one of them to the light of Christ!

Kya: Wow, all too many. But, if I had to choose one, evangelizing on the streets of Ann Arbor was quite incredible. Seeing God work through myself and all the other students was truly empowering.

Elliott: The evangelizing on Michigan’s campus. The camp leaders helped prepare us with a lecture on what is evangelism and the pamphlet Abbey mentioned. We started by asking people “what do you think is wrong with the world?” because likely whatever answer people gave, we could easily agree with them. It’s a better starting place for a conversation than bashing them over the head with the Bible and telling them that they need someone to save them or else they’ll go to hell. My favorite part was just being able to talk to people. It was a good setting to practice too as we were in groups with two others, I’ll be more prepared to talk on my own in the future.

Abbey: Something else I really enjoyed about Worldview Academy was how they emphasized the importance of a daily quiet time. Every morning, we would get ready and then meet very briefly with our small groups (a group of about six to nine people of your same gender with whom you basically do everything at camp that week) and then we would go out individually among the campus and just spend some time in scripture and writing down some thoughts and prayers that we might have about it, or maybe prayers for the day ahead of us, or really whatever. I just found that time to be so helpful for helping me get through the rest of my day and I have since started keeping myself accountable for having a quiet time every day.

What kind of an impact did attending Worldview Academy have on you?

Abbey: Words cannot express how much of an impact Worldview Academy has made in my life, and it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve come home! I can now think critically and on a deeper level and take into consideration what God says in His Word about how we should handle certain situations. I also feel certainly more equipped with knowledge and wisdom, but also confidence when it comes to sharing the Gospel with others. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to attend Worldview Academy this summer and I sincerely hope I am able to attend for the next two summers as well!

Would you encourage others to attend in future years?

Elliott: Yeah, definitely. They say it’ll be the best week of your life and I don’t know very many people who don’t feel that way that have attended this camp!

Kya: I strongly encourage any student to attend Worldview! Ever since I have gotten home, I’ve been talking to all my friends about attending next year. Worldview is life changing in all the right ways. Honestly, going into camp I was very unsure of how I would feel about it. But when it came time to leave, I felt like a whole new person. The Holy Spirit truly worked through my heart in my week at Worldview. I can not wait for the next four years of attending!

Photos courtesy of Worldview Academy

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