Preparing every student to impact their world through faith, leadership, and service.

Our Approach to a Christ-Centered Education

At Valley, your student will be actively engaged in hands-on, real world, rigorous learning that readily transfers to experiences outside the school building.

Our students leave expertly trained in skills that matter – collaboration, communication, creativity, problem-solving – coached by teachers in a face-to-face environment where these complex skills develop best.

After graduation, your student will be highly prepared to think critically in a world searching for truth, navigating the current culture armed with a solid knowledge base and Biblical worldview.

Each and every Valley Lutheran student is personally mentored along a path of preparation that is customized to their unique interests, strengths, and goals.

Academic Excellence at a Glance

The Evidence


AP Courses


Over 10% of students in 18 different career tech programs


74% passing rate on AP exams (compared to 58% across MI) (2021-2022 stat)

300+ college credits earned by the Class of 2022 through Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment

Class of 2022 Average SAT Score: VL 1048, State of MI 959

Experts in their Fields

Valley Lutheran teachers are professional, relational, and highly trained. They have an all-in passion for helping train well-rounded, fully equipped, faith-filled teens. All hold advanced degrees in their content area, an unusual statistic for a high school.

“Having teachers who are passionate about their job makes me more interested in the subject. They go the extra mile to make it exciting for us to learn.”

Student,VL ‘23

“The teachers are invaluable mentors, leaders and guides to our young people.”

Parent VL ‘23, VL ‘25

Personalized Academic Programs

Each student’s educational path is unique. Our diverse academic programs provide choice and personalization, while appealing to students’ individual interests.

  • Over 80 total course offerings
  • 6 upper level science courses
  • Full 4-year program in both Spanish and French
  • Themed English literature courses
  • Fine arts offerings in band, choir, art, and theater
  • Fitness courses and athletic training programs

College Prep

Valley Lutheran teachers are professional, relational, and highly trained. They have an all-in passion for helping train well-rounded, fully equipped, faith-filled teens. All hold advanced degrees in their content area, an unusual statistic for a high school.

Advanced Placement Programs

In our Advanced Placement courses college level content is taught by trained Valley Lutheran teachers. Students qualify for college credit through a national exam proctored in May. More than 60% of Valley students select from AP courses available across the content areas. In addition to the listing below, Valley students are prepared to take AP tests in subjects such as Economics, Psychology, Chemistry, and Statistics. With an average passing rate of 74% in 2021-2022, the Valley Lutheran Class of 2022 graduated with over 200 possible college credits received through Advanced Placement testing.
  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • Advanced Placement Calculus AB
  • Advanced Placement English Language
  • Advanced Placement English Literature
  • Advanced Placement French Language
  • Advanced Placement Government
  • Advanced Placement Spanish Language
  • Advanced Placement Studio Art
  • Advanced Placement United States History

Dual Enrollment

Valley Lutheran students qualify for the dual enrollment program paid for by the State of Michigan for up to 10 courses over their four years of high school. Students complete coursework during the school day under the supervision of a Valley teacher. Students enroll in courses through a number of colleges and universities taking classes such as:

  • Principles of Sociology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Medical Technology
  • College Composition 1
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice

Career Prep

Students explore career options, develop self-awareness, and discover their unique vocational path over the course of four years.

VLHS Career Center

Full-time school counselor provides one-on-one and group guidance as students discover their personal strengths and build a rigorous personal program in line with their future plans.

Career Technical Education

Students can attend a local career center part time where they complete direct training in a career field matching their interests and receive credit toward graduation. Approximately 12% of Valley students participate in over fifteen different career programs.


Students may select an internship opportunity where they receive on-the-job training in a paid work setting. Elective credit is granted that applies toward graduation requirements.

Curriculum & Requirements

Valley Lutheran students meet and exceed the graduation requirements for the State of Michigan.

Graduation Requirements

Valley Lutheran’s graduation requirements are consistent with the State of Michigan High School Graduation Requirements, with the addition of one Theology course for every year in attendance. Valley Lutheran High School graduation requirements include:

  • 4 Credits of English
  • 4 Credits of Mathematics
  • 4 Credits of Theology (or one for each year in attendance)
  • 3 Credits of Science
  • 3 Credits of Social Studies
  • 2 Credits in the Same Foreign Language
  • 1 Credit Fine Arts: Includes selection from Music, Art or Drama courses
  • 0.5 Credit of PE (waiver available starting with the class of 2022)
  • 0.5 Credit of Health
  • 0.5 Credit of Computer Fundamentals (starting with the class of 2022)

Total number of credits required is 20.5 total credits plus one religion credit for each year in attendance.

A student must attend high school for eight semesters in order to graduate from Valley Lutheran.

Under our current nine-period system, students with one academic seminar each year have the opportunity to earn 28 credits over four years of high school.

Four-Year Plan

It is strongly encouraged for students to develop a four-year plan of the high school courses they are required to take and desire to take as electives. This four-year plan helps to ensure that all graduation requirements are met and that students are able to take part in those elective courses that most interest them academically. See the Guidance Office during your academic seminar or lunch period to create one with the help of the Guidance Counselor.

Four Year Plan Template

Honors Diploma

Valley Lutheran High School diplomas are highly respected by colleges, employers, and the community. Students who wish to challenge themselves further have the opportunity to pursue an Honors Diploma. The Honors Diploma involves 8 additional graduation requirements that promote an even higher level of preparation for college and career.

Students pursuing an Honors Diploma will be asked to:

  1. Earn 27 total credits
  2. Select courses that fall into one of 5 emphasis areas (STEM, Arts, Language, Literature, or Career Tech)
  3. Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  4. Participate in a minimum of 8 extra-curricular activities that fall into at least 3 different categories (athletics, music, drama, student government, science, or other clubs/activities)
  5. Successfully complete a minimum of 3 courses that are designated as either Advanced Placement or Dual-Enrollment
  6. Complete two job-shadow experiences
  7. Complete 40 hours in an unpaid internship
  8. Demonstrate involvement (40+ hours) in a significant community activity

Students who wish to pursue an Honors Diploma should pick up a packet of information and required forms from the school office. The process is expected to take most of four years to complete. Interested students should work through the process with supervision by either an administrator or the guidance counselor.

Students that earn an Honors Diploma will receive an Honors sticker on their diploma, an Honors Diploma designation on their transcript along with an explanation, and will wear a special Honor stole at graduation.

Download the Honors Diploma Program Overview
Download the Honors Diploma Program Application

Please direct any questions about the Honors Diploma to the Academic Dean, Dr. Lisa Meyers at or Guidance Counselor, Lindsay Mueller at

Student Support Services

We recognize some students need extra support through their high school years. To help meet the diverse needs of our students, we offer aid through our Student Support Services. The office assists students to teach them organizational skills, provide additional tutoring, administer tests and assignments that may need special accommodations, and coordinate communications with teachers and parents. Eligible students are those with a formal IEP or 504 plan, official diagnosis of physical/learning disability, or a history of needing additional help. Space is limited. For more information, contact Student Support Services Coordinator Natalie Keup at (989)790-1676.

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