Here your student is known personally, prepared thoroughly, and developed individually

Valley Lutheran is Different

Our mission is more than a statement, it’s what drives us. It is the foundation upon which we build everything we do.

“Preparing students for life…”

Our students are fully prepared for their next steps. Whether to career, skilled trades, college, or the military, they leave equipped with the skills to be successful.

“…with Christ as our foundation.”

Our students are nurtured in faith. Encouraged by Christian mentors, Bible study, chapel, prayer, and service they leave with knowledge of God’s word and the maturity to apply it.

This mission encompasses everything we do inside the classroom and out. An experience filled with purpose, belonging, opportunity, and a focus on the future.

This is the Valley Difference.

Developing Skills For Life

 “I feel well prepared for whatever I do after high school because of the educational opportunities I’ve had at Valley and the Career Center.” – Student, VL ‘22



Small class sizes allow teachers to personally know and coach students. Numerous class offerings provide options for students’ varied interests. Thoughtful instruction by highly trained teachers both challenges and supports students based on individual needs.


Skills Embedded

Students learn course content while practicing skills required for future success. Experience in extra-curriculars, family groups, and social activities contributes to skill development by providing supplemental contexts for growth.


Future Focused

Graduates leave Valley ready for their future. Headed into diverse roles and fields, our students find success due to the training and experience begun here. Internships and partnerships provide a head start on college and career readiness and a dedicated school counselor intentionally mentors students throughout their four years.

A Community Rooted in Faith

“Our children encounter Christ in every classroom, every activity, and every sporting event. The spiritual life is woven into all that Valley does.” – Parent, VL ‘21, VL ‘23, VL ‘25

The Valley Difference

At Valley Lutheran, education is more than classes and a diploma. It’s a unique experience of community and purposeful growth. A time that helps students understand their purpose in the world and their responsibility to others.

The Valley Lutheran difference must truly be experienced to be understood, it cannot be described in words alone.

Our experience is marked by:




Everything we do is intentional – whether to create belonging in the community, to meet student needs and train for their futures, to encourage spiritual growth, or to serve the greater community. Graduation is truly a launch and it is our responsibility to get students ready for whatever is next.



Relationships are central as students belong and are known by faculty, coaches, and peers. Students regularly attest to the power of these relationships calling Valley “a family.”



A student’s high school years are a period of great growth and development. Our students are encouraged to pursue many meaningful experiences during these four short years – and are encouraged and equipped to excel in all they do (Col. 3:23). But our greatest priority is a commitment to personal growth. No matter the setting, we desire meaningful and lasting growth in our students.


An outward focus.

Students are here for an individual education, but students are immersed in an environment where an outward focus is demonstrated, nurtured, and encouraged. This is certainly shown in larger actions of service to the school and community but it is more often demonstrated and developed in ‘smaller ways’ like a thoughtful gesture to a classmate, a respectful dialogue with a coach or teacher, an extended hand to an opposing player, and a small but meaningful donation to help someone they may never meet.

“The faculty and staff understand that it’s not just about learning, although that is done extremely well. It’s about positive relationships with each other and with Christ.” – Parent, VL ‘23, VL ‘26

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