Fine Arts

Nurturing students’ interests, abilities, and God-given talents.

Fine Arts

Students engage, grow, and expand their God-given talents through the fine arts programs at Valley Lutheran. Between drama, music, and visual arts, your student has plenty of paths to pursue their artistic passions and interests.

Instrumental Music

All of the instrumental music groups at Valley Lutheran perform with the same goal in mind: to bring honor, glory, and praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ. The focus of our instrumental music curriculum is to continue the development of both the technical and expressive aspects of performing on an instrument, both as a soloist and an ensemble member.

Repertoire is catered to the unique abilities of each ensemble from year to year, with a focus on excellence in performance. Musicians have various opportunities for performances, including concerts, athletic events, festivals, small ensembles, and our annual Lenten Tour. Leaders are intentionally developed within our department and students are encouraged to take ownership of their ensembles.

Symphonic Band

Symphonic Band is Valley Lutheran’s premier instrumental ensemble, open to students in 9-12 grade by audition. Repertoire is selected from traditional wind band music and contemporary symphonic band settings, ranging from advanced high school to collegiate level music. In the spring, along with the Golden Voice Choir, it tours the Midwest, bringing the message of Christ crucified to hundreds each year. The Symphonic Band is also Valley’s Pep Band, performing at football and basketball games throughout the year. Symphonic Band has developed a reputation of excellence and has earned many top accolades in recent years. However, the goal of the group is always to bring glory to Christ through every rehearsal, practice time, and performance.

Wind Ensemble

Wind Ensemble serves as a transition from grade school band to high school band. Students at all grade levels may be a part of this group, with no audition required. The goal is to build upon the basics the students have mastered and to introduce them to high school level music. Students are also exposed to music theory and history.

Jazz Band

Jazz Band introduces students to a different style of instrumental music, including improvisation and solo playing. Music ranges from a wide variety of styles including rock, Latin, blues, swing, and big band. Jazz Band is open to all VL students, and performs at both the fall and spring concerts, and other VL events upon request.

Brass Ensemble

Brass Ensemble members are chosen from interested participants in Symphonic Band. Brass Ensemble regularly performs at events such as the Christmas concert, the annual Good Friday service, and other worship and community opportunities. In addition, Brass Ensemble will participate in the District Solo & Ensemble festival.

The Glorify Handbell Choir encourages students with diverse ringing experiences to explore a variety of musical styles. This choir elevates teamwork, persistence, and problem solving skills in the pursuit of music that glorifies God and gives thanks for the gifts he has given us. The ensemble brings their joy of performing to chapels, churches, and the community during concerts and events throughout the year.
Junior Symphonic Band Program
The Junior Symphonic Band Program serves eight of our Lutheran area grade schools with beginning, intermediate, and advanced band instruction. Students in grades 5-8 are taught in small-group settings and combined to perform two concerts a year as a large ensemble. Students also have the opportunity to participate at the Lutheran Music Festival each spring, as well as various occasions in their individual schools.

Vocal Music

In vocal music groups students learn about the artistry and mechanics of music through singing. Each choir represents a different level of general vocal ability, although considerations of grade level and scheduling are also factors. Singers participate in a variety of performances throughout the year, including several school concerts as well as outside opportunities like MSVMA District and State Choral Festivals, MSVMA Solo and Ensemble Contest or festivals and clinics presented by area colleges and organizations. Vocal music groups use the gifts God has given them with excellence and to His glory. They desire for His message to be clearly seen, heard, and felt through the music and that others would recognize how good God is.
Mixed Chorus
Mixed Chorus is our introductory choir for ninth graders as well as students from higher grade levels who need vocal maturation and skill development. The goal of this choir is to help students hone their gifts through specific instruction in basic music theory and vocal mechanics.
Golden Voice
Golden Voice is the advanced mixed choir at VLHS where singers receive intermediate to advanced-level instruction. This group tours with the Symphonic band every spring and
regularly attends District and State Festivals. Members are selected by audition.
Impact is the praise and worship team at Valley, providing worship leadership opportunities to students. This group leads chapel at Valley, grade schools, area churches, and special events. Music is contemporary in nature and is centered around chapel themes. Members are selected by audition.

Visual Arts

The Art Department at Valley Lutheran High School seeks to foster in students an appreciation for various artists and styles, to encourage them in their artistic pursuits, and to train them in their own artistic productions. Throughout three course levels students study the elements of art, art history, techniques, and various media. More independence is given as students progress through the courses, growing in their personal creativity and motivated by their emerging personal styles. Fourth year art students may choose to follow Advanced Placement curriculum guidelines and submit a portfolio to the College Board for their review and possible college credit.

Drama & Theater

In the VLHS Drama Department students learn about the artistry and mechanics of theater through performance. Our program offers 3 different shows per school year including a musical every other spring. Each show is directed by a different director, offering students experience in several directing styles and audition processes.

Students in the theater program participate in a wide variety of theater experiences. Opportunities include acting roles, light crew, sound crew, pit orchestra, make-up, costumes, stage crew, and even assistant directing opportunities.

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