Part 1 of 3: Committed to Academic Excellence

Part 2 of 3: Q&A on English curriculum overhaul

Part 3 of 3: New English curriculum

Valley Lutheran High School is underdoing an exhaustive curriculum redesign heading into next school year in an effort to better prepare its students.

The new curriculum will focus on developing students who are more well-rounded with an emphasis in not only writing and reading, but also in speaking.

Here’s a look at the new curriculum:

Current Course New Reading Courses New Writing Courses
English 1 Transitional Reading Transitional Writing
English 2 Introduction to Literature Introduction to Research
English 3
Literature Seminar (Theme-based)
  • Mythology
  • War
  • Coming of Age (Growing up)
  • Monsters
  • Fantasy
  • Faith
Students select one of the above themes.
Introduction to Language and Composition
English 4
Literature Seminar (Theme-based)
Students may take another of the themes (see above) or take an Advanced Literature Seminar
Research Seminar
Elective Courses Interpersonal Communication Creative Writing
Year long courses which may be selected during the junior and/or senior years as an alternative to the two semester courses listed above.
  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition (2018-19, 2020-21, etc.)
  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition (2019-20, 2021-22, etc.)