Typically a poem for the Senior class is shared at one of the last chapels of the school year.  This year it was shared as part of our Virtual Senior Awards & Poem Night last week.  It is included both in video form and in text below.  We invite you to celebrate the Valley Lutheran Class of 2020 with us!

In the name of the Father, In the name of the Son,
In the name of the Spirit, Holy God, three-in-one.

At about this time, but not in this place, for the past fourteen years,
We spotlight this year’s seniors as graduation nears.

They have many great talents, through which God can get glory,
All sixty-nine students have their own unique story.

“Give thanks to the Lord in word and in deed”,
We are told in Colossians, by our actions, to lead.

As we reflect on these seniors, and the impact they’ve made,
The Valley tradition continues with the foundation they laid.

Many are musicians, athletes and geeks,
I’ll now share some brief highlights of their valleys and their peaks.

Josh Allen throws a mean fastball, or maybe a curveball or slider;
He’ll move on as a CMU Chippewa before becoming a financial advisor.

Michelle Becker was a member of Quiz Bowl and as a runner she’s got game;
In Flint she’ll study nursing; a degree from U of M will be her claim.

Eliana Behnke is a vegan, and she’s incredibly gifted in art;
She’ll study Biology next year; Grand Valley is where she’ll get her start.

Brett Billingsley might be short, but he’s also as tough as they come;
He’s not sure yet what to study, but an Adrian Bulldog he’ll become.

Caleb Block loved Friday nights cheering on the Chargers from Valley Lu;
Next year he’ll learn the construction trade – maybe someday he’ll build a house for you!

Jordan Brechtelsbauer has a smile that’s sweet, and she’s always hanging with Katelyn;
She’s headed to Saginaw Valley where an elementary ed degree she’ll begin.

Jeremy Britton earned 100 wins in a stellar wrestling career;
He’s headed to Delta College, as a DNR officer his future is clear.

Abby Brown spoke for the unborn and she’s got a perfect 4.0;
Social work is in her future, to Kuyper College in Grand Rapids she’ll go.

Kyle Brush is somewhat reserved, he says he’s just happy to graduate;
He’s headed to Delta College for nursing – I hope his night shifts aren’t too late.

Colton Cancelli claims a first as a grad with an E-Sports offer;
He’ll continue his career at Northwood, a management degree is what they offer.

Mr. Guenther calls her the “Silent Ninja” for her stealthy soccer skills;
Karsin Cloeter wants to teach; after her years at Concordia Wisconsin she will.

Martina Darling likes to peel paint, and she’ll always be known for her laugh;
She’ll be a Saginaw Valley Cardinal, applied mathematics is her path.

Allyson Ehlert loves to serve and went on a mission trip to France;
As an Alma Scot her knowledge of biology she’ll enhance.

Erin Ettline is headed far; she’ll study near the Florida beach;
At Palm Beach Atlantic, a career in marine biology she’ll reach.

Alex Friebe led the student section, and sold a pickle to Dr. Brandt;
He’s headed to SVSU next year, a degree in psychology he hopes they grant.

He may be the youngest ever to receive a Valley Lutheran diploma;
Isaac Hales will study chemistry next year, Central Michigan will be his school home.

Abigail Hambaum was a student director, and liked to throw Mr. Wittig’s things outside;
She’s headed to Concordia Wisconsin, an education in church ministry they’ll provide.

Jacob Hecht is an athlete; football and basketball all-conference;
He’ll study at Ferris State, in biotechnology he’ll gain confidence.

Cora Hensler is a valedictorian, and she loved the softball field;
She’ll study actuarial math in Flint, and a U of M diploma she’ll wield.

Lilly Holman holds the record for the most assists on the soccer team;
She’ll study biomedical engineering, attending U of M is her dream.

Keegan Hook has mad dance moves, and he was chosen the Homecoming King;
He’ll be a Cardinal of SVSU, and to pre-med labs his blonde wig he might bring.

Carson Hundley loved being on stage and may would call her outgoing;
She wants to be a paralegal, at Northern Michigan she’ll watch it snowing.

Skylar Hutchison helped lead the Poms to a second-place ranking at State;
She wants to be a doctor, at Central Michigan her education will be great.

He’s known for wearing flannel, and his antics on stage are definitely funny;
Silas Kaul will head to Saginaw Valley, where his future in communications is sunny.

She competed at states with the Future Health Professionals and she’s a leader on the court;
Tessa Keysor will head to SVSU, where she’ll study therapy of the occupational sort.

Nick Klein is a great example of how hard work can take you far;
He’ll study at Concordia Wisconsin where baseball will raise the bar.

Parker Krause loved to play soccer, and he’s a fan of Big Time Rush;
He’ll be an SVSU Cardinal, a degree in electrical engineering he’ll crush.

Auggie Krueger spent much of his time welding as he attended SCC;
His future plans are unclear, but he’ll either weld or prepare beverages for a fee.

His hair is longer than mine, and he excelled at many of the arts;
Caleb Krueger will be a great photographer; Concordia Chicago will give him his start.

Katelyn Krueger was always with Jordan, her hard work got her into NHS;
She’ll study computers and cybersecurity next year, at Saginaw Valley she’ll find success.

Brennan Kulick stepped in a mess that was discovered in Spanish one day;
He’ll study computers or journalism next year; Delta College will show him the way.

STEM CLUB, Quiz Bowl, NHS and athletics all impacted Matt Lemanski;
He’ll work hard at Michigan Tech to earn a civil engineering degree.

Abby Lentner loved helping on Service Day and has fond memories of football games;
She’s headed to Saginaw Valley, where a career in healthcare is calling her name.

Paris LeRoy loved helping with Pep Club and got lost while on Senior Retreat;
She’ll study marketing at Northwood when her Valley Lutheran days are complete.

Summer Little is a frequent blood donor, and threw a hairbrush during PE class;
She’ll study public health in the fall, at Saginaw Valley her days will pass.

Tristan Lusher loves to make people smile and post-prom was really great;
He’s headed into the workforce – I hope his shifts don’t keep him up too late.

Parker Lyday is quite the golfer and did you know that he played in the band?
His dream is to become an EMT, where he’ll be first to lend people a hand.

He’s a backup dancer for Keegan, and audition for choir to Adele;
Garrett Malmo’s headed to SVSU, where a finance degree will be swell.

Megan Mattichak was a medical intern and volunteered overseas;
She’s headed to the University of Michigan to obtain a biology degree.

Caytie Miller loves to play soccer and has been on 7 mission trips;
Grand Valley will be her next stop, a nursing degree in her grip.

Bob Mueller loves working with reptiles – did you know he owns an 8-ft snake?
He works now at Wilderness Trails, with all animals great care he will take.

Tyler O’Laughlin wore the same green sweatshirt nearly every day;
He’ll study welding at Delta, with a successful career on the way.

Gavin Pahlkotter had fun with his friends , and his love for Jesus is strong!
He’ll continue his education next fall – I’m sure he’ll still be singing his song.

She made First-Team All-Conference for her work on the basketball court;
Faith Peplinski will study pre-dental work with Saginaw Valley’s support.

Carly Pomaville played four years on varsity, her volleyball skills are crazy;
As an SVSU Cardinal she’ll study to be able to deliver someone’s baby.

Lyndsey Price was a four-year member of the varsity Soccer team;
She’ll keep playing at Rochester U. – a career as a pediatrician is her dream.

Kailey Pyscher was a bowler and worked hard every day in school;
Her next step will be Delta, where a degree in criminal justice will be cool.

Kaleb Rankin was once saved from a Triscuit and claims to be strong than Wilke;
He’s headed up the road to Saginaw Valley, where he’ll pursue an exercise science degree.

Hannah Reaman dedicated her time to Poms and loves to joke around;
She’ll head to Northern Michigan, where classes in forensic psychology will abound.

Sarah Roberts once attempted to make a giant Oreo for her geometry class;
She’ll be a Spartan of MSU in the fall, where biology courses she’ll pass.

Emma Rodriguez loved to volunteer at the local animal shelter;
She’ll study psychology at Delta, where she’ll continue to be a great helper.

She’s the homecoming queen and sure loves her coffee, she’s also a talented runner;
Cassandra Ross will head off to MSU where in accounting classes she’ll crunch numbers.

Kylie Schmitt is a talented golfer, and served as the class president;
She’ll study pre-law in the fall and be an East Lansing resident.

Lydia Schultz loves to serve and made amazing memories in France;
She’s headed to Concordia Nebraska; as a deaconess she’ll advance.

He’s like a brother to many, and made an impact in football and wrestling;
Charlie Shaw will study at Delta next fall, as an electrician he’ll be progressing.

Cristan Solis is always well-dressed and man, can that kid sing!
He’ll head to Alma College, in business and music he’s majoring.

With 31 letters included, her name is longer than the alphabet;
An education at Delta College Rachel Adeline Songer-Langschwager will get.

Alannah Stahl loves music, drama and being on stage;
She’ll study musical therapy while at Concordia Nebraska spending her days.

Evan Starke played for Impact and loved to spend time with the guys;
As a business major he’ll study, Saginaw Valley will make him wise.

She’s tough as nails and works hard every day to accomplish all of her dreams;
A’Nia Stauffer’s next move is not a surprise, she’ll serve as a U.S. Marine.

Brady Sting played soccer, but will be known for his horns and his drone;
He’ll continue his learning at Delta, where his farming skill he’ll begin to hone.

David Valley played football each year, giving his all to the team;
He’s not quite sure what to study, but Delta College will help find his dream.

Victoria Vial will always remember the amazing friendships she’s made;
She’ll study at Delta College, where her future options will be weighed.

Kelsey Vittiow holds two career records and led her team to the Final Four;
She wants to be a doctor someday, Saginaw Valley will open the door.

Abby Walk was a member of poms, but she also hung with the robotics team;
She’ll head to SVSU next year, knowledge in business and HR she’ll glean.

Katie Wilson was Exec. Board President, and will tell you that suckers shouldn’t be shared;
She wants to be a lawyer someday, as an MSU Spartan she’ll be prepared.

Robert Wooten’s first name is Kayle, and he loved his football team;
He’s chosen to serve his country for life, the U.S. Navy is his dream.

Her hard work has paid off with many accolades from her days on the soccer field;
Meredith Zinz is headed to Delta, where a medical career she will yield.

Maddie Zolton is a talented artist and helped design sets for each play;
She wants to study graphic design, Delta College will help her lead the way.

You just heard of one class, And the imprint they’ll make,
An imprint much greater, When done for Christ’s sake.

On those days when you think Your life doesn’t matter,
Stop and look how God works, Amongst the hustle and clatter.

We have sixty-nine examples Of students with dreams,
Who’ve made significant imprints In groups and on teams.

Who knows where God wants them To be used in His plan?
When your doubts say you can’t, Our God says you can.

Let the Holy Spirit take charge And work in your life,
Become the best worker, The best husband or wife.

For it’s not us who’s in charge, So let God be supreme,
That’s when you, in God’s Kingdom, Can share in His dream.

For it’s God’s dream, As stated in 1 Timothy 2,
That all people be saved, That’s me, and that’s you!

God grants us his grace, It’s already done!
We have life eternal, Through the blood of His Son!

God’s Blessings to the Class of 2020!