In the 2021-22 school year Valley Lutheran added a full-time Athletic Trainer, Tasha Mulder, to the Athletic Department. Just over a year later, the great impact of this on our school and our program is obvious.

Mrs. Mulder’s role not only consists of the coordination of physicals documentation for MHSAA, physical and athletic preparation for players prior to games, and overseeing game days for sports related injuries, but she also helps with athletic training field setup and the building of emergency action plans for sporting events. The greatest blessing though is likely her role when a student is injured, providing sideline support as well as prehab and rehab for student athletes.

VLHS parent Kathi Pearson shared, “Mrs. Mulder is supportive and helpful when a student needs to rehab after an injury. She has been a true gift from God!” She is a support when students need it most, available when students need assistance or feel like they will never get better, and she works with them daily to get them back on the field or court.

In addition to her role in athletics, Mrs. Mulder also impacts the academic life of students as a health and fitness teacher. “Mrs. Mulder’s leadership and direction in our training programs and our health curriculum benefits athletes and students alike. She is a real blessing to our programs.” said Dr. Lisa Meyers, Academic Dean.

Thanks, Mrs. Mulder, for all you do for our students on a daily basis! We are grateful to have you as a member of the VL Athletic Department and working with our talented student athletes.