When conditioning for volleyball began this summer, Coach Jon Frank knew he had a great group of girls with which to work. Having won seven conference championships, seven district titles, and one regional championship in the last 13 seasons, Valley Lutheran’s volleyball program has a strong reputation. Coach Frank knew this season would be no different, and, to date, Valley is ranked tenth in Class C high school play (Record as of 10/23/19: 30 wins- 4 losses- 5 splits).

Behind the titles and wins is an exemplary group of experienced coaches. Between the freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity teams, Valley boasts thirteen coaches. Nine played two or more years of Varsity volleyball for Valley before graduating. Combined, these nine coaches share 28 years of Valley volleyball experience. Of the remaining four coaches, two are mothers of Valley volleyball players who have been in the stands watching their players for 12 years before joining the coaching staff. Head coach Jon Frank is a Valley grad as well.

Coach Frank can’t say enough positive things about this special group of athletes. Not only are they undefeated in conference play, but they have high expectations for themselves and they know what it takes to push themselves and one another in practice and play. The Varsity team is a well-rounded group of young ladies that work well together, holding one another to high standards of play. They are also driven, banding together to eliminate weak spots on the court.

Senior Carly Pomaville missed most of the 2018-2019 season after breaking her leg during a volleyball practice. Fully recovered and back as middle hitter, she shared what it meant to be back as a volleyball teammate once again: “Being able to be part of a family and connecting as a team again is great. Being on the court during games, instead of sitting on the bench, and feeling the energy from the crowd is so different than being injured on the bench.”

Kelsey Vittitow, also a senior, had this to say, “I am so excited to see how far we get, because we’ve done really well so far working and playing together as a team. Our theme is “Together as One” and we’ve worked hard to show that.”

That’s what sets Valley apart. Valley is not just a school in which a student can receive an education. It is a place where students and graduates feel welcome and loved, a place where graduates want to come back and help others perform their best, a place to join “Together as One.”