Valley students typically do well on their Advanced Placement exams and last year didn’t disappoint with 82% passing their AP exam and potentially receiving college credit. Additionally 57% of students received top scores (4 or 5 on a scale of 5) demonstrating a high-level understanding of the subject and mastery of the skills.

Dr. Lisa Meyers, Academic Dean, celebrates these accomplishments. “Our AP students and teachers work hard to develop those higher-level thinking skills that are tested on Advanced Placement Exams and once again it shows!”

The significance of this year’s scores is highlighted when compared with state and global averages (as shown below).

The difference between these averages is even greater than in past years. Dr. Meyers has a theory for why this might be. “I believe our exceptional scores are due to our students’ work ethic and because we were blessed to be in-person for the past school year.”

AP Biology Teacher Mr. Ben Cooper echoes these sentiments. “Being in-person made a huge difference. Despite the disruptions and challenges of last year, students pressed on and overall did an amazing job.”